Top 10 Best Halloween Decoration Props Under 20$ In 2017

Halloween would be less fun without the best Halloween decoration props, wouldn’t it? Adding some creepy decorations to both inside and outside your house will create a great theme for this great day. When it comes to decorations, it is always about the usual stuffs like spiders, skulls, webs, and things like that. You don’t have to spend time to DIY them if you are busy because you can get decoration props at great price. This article is here to bring you the best Halloween decorations that create creepy looks along with affordable price. Check out our list below and choose some!

1. Stretch Spider Webs

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Halloween decoration can’t be done without spider webs, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. What you will get is this stretchable spider web that can cover up to 200 square feet along with 25 spiders. The web is durable which makes it easy for you to stretch and attach on objects in and outside the house.

2. Spider Webs With More Spiders

best Halloween decoration props

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If you want more spiders, I believe this pack will do the job perfectly. It comes with 2 spider webs and 200 spiders for you to decorate your house. The web is made from high quality materials to ensure stretching ability and durability. While the spiders are made from plastic blend which is waterproof and bad weather resistant.

3. Creepy Cemetery Warning Signs

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For the yard or in front of the house, these signs are awesome choice to choose. It comes in a pack of 3 signs with different warnings, and the price is only five dollars and fifty cents. The signs are creepy, and it makes creepily awesome decoration.

4. Glow In The Dark Pebble Stones

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This is one incredible decoration that you will surely love. These pebbles come with different colors, and it shines with colorful lights at night. They are beautiful decoration for anywhere in the house during any occasions. These pebbles absorb sunlight during the day, and light up at night for up to 3 hours. I am sure they will add extra awesomeness to Halloween decoration.

5. Mossy Bat Tombstone

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Tombstone is a have-to-have decoration, and the mossy one is the best one. This mossy tombstone will add extra creepy look to the garden or yard as people walk by. It features a raised flying bat with RIP header along with cracks and moss. This tombstone is easy to install, and you can use it for years.

6. Goblin Door Cover

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Want something for the door? This door cover is something that does the job perfectly for the door decoration. Its size is 30 inches x 72 inches, and you can easily attach it with sticky tack or tape. This poster is one nice scary decoration, and you can use it for years.

7. Skeletons Window Decoration

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You might also want something for the window as well, and these skeletons is just the thing. It is easy to use, and it costs only 2 bucks. They might look like this in daylight, when things will get scarier when the night comes.

8. Hanging Ghosts

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If you have trees, you need some ghosts hanging there. This set has 4 hanging ghosts with different designs and color like alien, vampire, and more. Each ghost gives visual and scary look that gives people the creeps as they walk by. You can also hang them indoor as well like over the window, on the wall, etc. The set is on sale at the moment which costs only half the price.

9. Zombie Hands and Arms

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A scary decoration involves with some arms, and I’ve got just the pair for you. These 2 hands can be attached to yard stakes easily while it gives great scare look. This pair of hand is perfect for lawn decorations, and you can use it over and over again for years.

10. Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

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Satisfied a lot of customers, this door cover is one of the perfect indoor Halloween decorations. It can surely scare people as they are on their way to the restroom. The item is thick and durable, and it is highly recommended by a lot of users.

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