Top 7 Best Swimming Fins

One of the best accessories to help you swim with ease is a pair of swimming fins. Swimming fins is their name for some good reasons. As you can see, fish are great swimmers, and most of them got fins. So, if you wear a pair of swimming fins on your feet, you will be able to swim faster and easier. So, you don’t even need to spend much energy in the water when you have swimming fins. They are the perfect plus for natural and easy swim while you explore the life under the water. This review is here to help you through high quality swimming fins for your next adventure.

1. FINIS Long Floating Fin

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To swim better for both beginners and pro, you need the fin that creates comfortable swim. This is a pair of swimming fin that floats in fresh and salt water. The fins are long which add extra power for you to kick and builds leg strength as you swim. They have closed heel design that reduces chance of hyperflexion of the ankle which allows for feet and ankle comfort. There are many colors for you to choose both dark and bright, pick a pair.

2. Cressi Light Training Swimming Fins

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Before things get real, it is common that you have to train first, and short fins are just right for it. The fins are short which is great for maximum agility and energy efficiency for beginners in fins. They have highly researched design that ensures muscle training with the least muscle discomfort. These swimming fins are made of lightweight material which is durable and ergonomic for long term use. There are 4 colors available: blue, white, black, and silver.

3. FINIS Yellow Zoomers Gold

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In case you want to train your legs for speed and endurance in the water, choose these fins. The fins have short blade that promotes a shorter and faster kick that you can swim better and faster easily. The fin blade aligns with the natural angle of the foot which brings comfort and does not hurt your ankle. They are made of high quality material which is long lasting and durable that any swimmers can use.

4. TYR Sport EBP Burner Fin

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Want to train your feet and swimming skill for race pace? Try this fin. The fins are designed shorter which allows you to kick your pace up and gives good propulsion for a great workout. The design also enables for reduction at the ankle and foot as you swim for less cramp and pain. They give higher and frequency kick that will maintain and develop the muscle required for non-fin training. Swim smarter and faster now with this pair of swimming fins.

5. U.S Divers Trek Travel Fin

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When you get your training to the top and ready for real business, choose this travel fin. Experience best swimming moments in the open water with style and comfort now with them. The fins have dual-composite fin blade for excellent snap, power, and styling. They are super soft and comfortable foot pocket with adjustable strap to fine tune fit. The compact length is simply great that you can use as travel snorkeling fin and other water sport activities.

6. Cressi Palau Travel Swim Fins

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This Paula snorkeling fin come in a short blade version that you can swim faster and easier. They make the perfect choice for snorkeling and swimming in a variety of water sports. The fins are soft and comfortable foot pocket that you can easily adjust the buckle and anatomic blade. They are short and easy to pack which is easy to bring along with while traveling. The soft open-heel foot pockets are designed for bare feet and provide a great fit for multiple sizes.

7. FINIS Mermaid Swimming Fin

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We all have a dream as a child to be a mermaid/merman or at least to swim like one. I had that dream, even I can’t swim. But this fin comes in the design of mermaid fin that increases water confidence and makes dream come true. You can use this fin to build leg strength while swimming like a human fish with style. It has quick release foot strap that you can easily wear and take off. There are 2 colors for you to choose: pink and purple. Sadly, it makes a perfect choice for little girls only. Sorry men.

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