Top 7 Best Glass Sets

Choosing the best glass sets is essential since drinking from a high quality glass is always better. You also have guests come to your house, and that is when glass comes to work again. That would be great to hear that ‘your glass is so nice and cool. Where did you get that?’. That is why you have to always select the right glass sets for your kitchen and the house. Glass comes in different styles in different occasions, and this review is about ordinary glass. Check the sets down below and purchase the ones you want to have for use at home.

1. Libbey Polaris Drinking Glasses and Tumblers

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This set contains 16 drinking glasses with heavy and 1-inch thick rounded bases that impart substance and stability. It includes 8 tumblers and 8 double old fashioned glasses that have crystal clear glass construction. Each glass layers beautifully with a variety of dinnerware and table settings that will compliment the meal. They are safe to clean in the dishwasher which is absolutely easy to take care of.

2. Libbey Classic Glassware Set

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Here is a great glassware set that comes to augment your home collection. There are 16 glasses in the set, and each of them is sleek and modern which you will love to have. The set includes 8 double old fashion with a 13-ounce capacity, and 8 cooler glasses with an 18-ounce capacity. The glass features a classic design with a weighted sham for extra stability that ensures long term use. They have the design of dark smoke at the bottom that creates classic and cool look for the table.

3. Home Essentials Galaxy Glassware

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This is another set of beautiful, sturdy, and elegant glassware for everyday use that you will like. Each glass has the classic look that makes any drink you pout inside tastes better for the eyes. The glasses are super steady and can handle both top and bottom dishwasher racks. There are 12 glasses in the set which is enough for a medium family and a few guests. They are easy to care and clean since they are dishwasher safe. They also have other colors for you to choose as well which is cool.

4. US Acrylic, LLC Classic Tumblers Set

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Here are the glasses that come with premium quality which is great for entertaining and compliment. These clear tumblers are made of plastic yet looks and feel like real glass in hand. They have the beautifully designed that add a stylish touch to your table settings flawlessly. Each glass is safe and sturdy since they are made of durable material which is safe and a great choice. You can even take them outside with you and you don’t have to worry that they will break.

5. Arc International Luminarc Pub Beer Glass Set

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With the design of glass beer size, you can use the glass in many liquid storage purposes. No matter if it is beer, water, or juice, feel free to pout those beverages in this glass. Each glass can take up to 16 ounce of liquid that you can enjoy drinking during eating, parties, and more. There are 10 glasses in the set, each of them is durable which you can use for years. These glasses have the sturdy and durable design that will last for so long with good care.

6. Circleware Huge Glass Set

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Nothing is better than owning a set of strong and sturdy high quality stylish glass that compliment your kitchen. They have the cool design that you can use in different occasions and any events you have. This set contains 16 windowpane drinking glasses with the capacity of 8 to 17 ounce and 8 to 13 ounce. Each glass features double old fashioned whiskey juice that makes a perfect glassware choice to have.

7. US Acrylic, LLC Optix Plastic Cup Glass Set

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If you afraid of using the glasses that break, try a better choice like these plastic glasses. They look and feel just like real glass except they don’t break no matter how many times you drop them. Each glass is made of durable material which ensure the durability and safety for you to use. The set includes 8 glasses in 4 assorted colors that you can use with members in the house. You can also take them outside since they are good for patio, poolside, picnic, and other outdoor use.

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