Top 7 Best Charger Phone Cases

Why need charger when your phone case can do the job? Yes, there are charger phone cases available for you to use my friend, and here you are. Reading a review about it, and you might want to buy it for your phone as well. That is a 2-in-1 benefit here. You get to protect your phone from scratches and breaking while able to charge it at the same time. That is time saving and money saving all at once. Don’t worry if you use Apple or Samsung, the phone cases are available for both. Below is the 7 choices of best charger phone cases that you can get for your phones.

1. Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case: for iPhone 6, 6S

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 This phone case has capacity of 2850mAh that offers an extra use for you for hours. It brings 60 hours of audio, 17 hours of 3G talk time, 13 hours video, 12 hours web browsing, or 3 hours of 3D gaming. The case is incredibly slim while it works as a phone case and battery charger without doubling the size. It charges fast and safe which makes the perfect choice for you and your phone.

2. Generic External Battery Case: for iPhone 6

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 The case has capacity of 3500mAh that can work as a portable charger to your phone for hours. It comes the for fitting and protective ultra-resistant case battery. With the integrated power switch, this case allows you to switch on/off the battery case easily. You can charge and sync your phone while refilling your battery at the same time. This case also has built-in short circuit and over charge protection which ensures the safety of your phone.

3. Trianium Charger Battery Case: for iPhone 6, 6S

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 Here is another charger phone case for iPhone 6 and 6S. It comes with the capacity of 3100mAh that can reflective provide extra battery life to your phone. With the case, you will get 14+ hours talk time, or 10+ plus web browsing time which keep you company. It has 360 degree comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell backplate that protect your phone from scratches and other things. It has slim and sleek design, and there are 5 colors available for you: black/orange, black, rose gold, white/turquoise, and white/silver.

4. Alpatronix Slim External Battry Case: for Samsung Galaxy S6

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 This phone case features 3500mAh of capacity that effectively charges your phone the entire day. It has ultra slim and 360 degree scratch-protection that minimizes bulk and weight for the phone. The case also has raised front bumper that stands higher to protect your phone screen and surfaces. You will also get the high quality screen protector for your Galaxy S6 when your purchase this case. There are 3 colors available: black, gold, and white.

5. Alpatronix Slim External Charging Case: for Samsung Galaxy S7

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 You might use your new Samsung Galaxy S7 a lot, and this phone charging case is what you need. It has the capacity of 4500mAh that can effectively charge well over 100% to last your phone the entire day. The case is easy to install since you can easily insert your phone into the mini USB output port. This phone case allows easy access to all ports while bringing you hours of non-stop entertainment. You can choose the color of this case between black and gold.

6. Mophie Juice Pack Charger Case: for Samsung Galaxy S5

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 This is the rechargeable 3000mAh battery extender and protective case for your Galaxy S5. It comes with soft touch finish with its sleek design that includes a new, soft touch, and rubberize finish. The case features 4 LED light status indicator that lets you know the remaining power in the case. It also provides quick charging speed with safety to both you and your phone. There are 5 color choices: black, gold, pink, red, and white.

7. Trianium Charging Battery Pack: for Samsung Galaxy S7

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 This is the classic charger case that brings you a whole new level of power and protection to your phone. The case provides 100% of additional battery replacement booster with durable design to protect against bumps, scrapes, and scratches. It features a durable and ultra-slim design that offers long lasting power and protection for your phone. It also has corners, screen, and frame protection to the phone. There are 2 colors that you can choose between black and white.

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