Top 10 Best Smart Light Bulb Reviews in 2018

As technology grows, there are a lot of electronic devices invented for various advantages to make our life better and safer. A smart light bulb is now popular and famous at households and offices. The product has several benefits besides lighting the room bright. Installing the smart LED lights in your house, you don’t have to get up and walk to the power button to turn off the lights anymore. Best smart light bulbs can sense movement and automatically on and off. It will save the electricity bill as well. You won’t have to walk in the dark or use a flashlight to reach the power buttons.

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What should you look at the product? Well, there are a few things about it that you need to consider. Firstly, you have to make sure that it is easy to control; for example, by a smartphone. Secondly, it is about the functions of light bulb such as dimmable, change colors, sensor, and more. Lastly, it must have the long lifespan to worth what you paid. Anyway, you can get more information about more smart light products from the text below. These are the top 10 best smart light bulb reviews in 2018.

1. Brizled Smart Light Bulbs, A19 60W Equivalent Smart Bulb

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Having connectivity with Echo and Google home, this smart light bulb set enables you to have full control through voice command. For instance, there are two pieces which are dimmable and color adjustable. So you can use your voice to adjust their brightness or turn them on and off. There is a mobile app which also works as a remote control for you can change to any colors as you want.

2. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 60W Equivalent LED Smart Light Bulb

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Similarly, this hi-tech light bulb set is controllable by smartphone and voice command. Philips has introduced these two LED smart lights which hold incredible abilities. You can adjust the brightness and color and warmness. So you can use them as night lights. They have a timer function so that you can set the duration for them to go off automatically. The smart light bulbs have the long lifespan to 25,000 hours.

3. LIFX Mini (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

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This small single smart light bulb has wireless connectivity so that you can control it easily by voice command through Google Assistant and smartphone app. It uses only 9 watts to give full brightness with its 800 lumens inside. You can make an adjustment on the theme color of 16 million and brightness. Create a nice atmosphere with this light bulb. You can save money by buying more different fixed colored lights.

4. Sengled Element Classic Smart LED Light Bulb

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Sengled smart light bulb set provides you four pieces for you can install each one in every room. The product is not only high technology but also eco-friendly too. The lights are usable for daylight and night as they are brightness adjustable. You can reduce to only 50% when using before night time. Moreover, they have a timer that allows you to set time for it to turn on and off.

5. Flux Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb - Color Changing Light Bulb

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What color do you like? This amazing smart light bulb will transform to any colors as your command. It is not hard to use this product. You can control it easily through a mobile app. For example, you can change the brightness level and colors. What makes it the best product to have is that it has music synchronize function. It means you can turn your room into a dance floor with flashing light to the beat.

6. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Light Globe LED Light Bulb

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It is a large set of dimmable LED light bulbs. You will receive 10 packs of smart light to use in households and offices. Each of the light contains 450 lumens and uses 10 watts to operate. Hence, they won’t consume much energy and save your bill. Although they cannot change color, they have warm white theme color of 3000K. The brightness won’t affect your eyes sight in a harmful way.

7. Xenon WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb Compatible with Alexa Echo Remote Control

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Whether Android or ISO can control this smart LED light bulb, you will have the most comfortable time. You are able to enjoy the use of this light at day and night because of its dimmable function and timer for automatic performance. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly product since it consumes less power than other standard lights up to 80%. You can use for over 20 years, isn’t it amazing?

8. Motion Sensor Light Bulb Dusk to Dawn PIR Built-in Motion Sensing Activated LED Bulbs Smart

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This product is perfect to use for stairs and doors as it has a special feature. To be clear, the set provides two smart light bulbs which have a motion sensor. Whenever someone is nearby them, the lights will light up immediately within a range of 13 to 16 feet. Therefore, they are the great security night lights and protect you. Plus, when there is no motion for 60 seconds, they will turn off automatically.

9. VOCOlinc L2 Smart LED Light Bulb, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

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Lighting the whole room, this smart light bulb can change temperature light from warm to cool. Thus, it will fit with all situations like reading books, watching movie, daylight and more. Also, the brightness level is adjustable and you can set the timer to have it turn on and off. All of these can be done by voice command and application. With 650 lumens in the bulb, it consumes only 8.5 watts.

10. LED Smart Bulb, 3 Pack Nexlux Sunrise Wake-up WiFi Lights

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This is the last product of the list. This LED smart bulb has wifi connectivity to keep in touch with a mobile app for users can control it. The light bulb set comes with three packs. They can change to any colors on the color wheel in the app. You can limit their brightness too. In addition, there is another function that makes the lights change colors to the rhythm of the music.

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