Top 10 Best Portable AM/FM Radios Reviews

Though TV and social networks have dominated the way people get entertained and informed about the updated news, there are still people who do enjoy spending their time listening to the radio. As coming here today, it is likely that you are one of us and are looking for a good portable radio to buy. Of course, in this list, we have the top 10 best portable AM/FM radios to recommend for your consideration.

1. Panasonic RF-2400D AM / FM Radio, Silver

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The first best radio you can check out is this Panasonic RF-2400D. It is an AM and FM radio in one. The radio has a lovely look in silver while its quality is great. The frequency range it can do is between 87 and 108 MHz for FM and 520 and 1730kHz for AM. To the built-in speaker, it is 10 cm long with Ferrite Antenna for great sound quality. There are also additional features such as 3.5mm earphone and headphone jack. Lastly, the dimension of the radio is 234 x 122 x 82mm, which is nicely portable.

2. AM FM Portable Radio Battery Operated Radio

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Next to have a look is over the AM FM portable design of this beautiful radio from Jimneng. It is a classic radio with both FM and AM you can enjoy with. The frequency range of the radio is 87-108MHz for FM and 520-1730kHz for AM. With an additional long antenna, you can expect a great sound from the radio. Moreover, two sources of power are available on this radio. You can either have it powered by the batteries in case of camping or gardening use or have it powered directly through your powerpoint. The power cord is included.

3. Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

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If small size is your main criteria, then this Sony ICFP26 radio is the best match you can find. It has such a small, portable design you can bring it along anywhere with you easily. However, the radio has had an extremely high quality you can trust. It is a Sony product, yes, everyone knows there is a reliable quality hidden within the brand. Other than this, the radio comes with a good quality speaker and headphone jack in case you want to plug the earphone in. The telescoping antenna will also enhance listening.

4. AM FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio

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Beautifully made in Silver or Black you can choose, this another best portable AM/FM radio is a nice option you can have a look. It comes with a good technology where you can be sure this radio will service you great with their wide frequency range as well as the sound quality. You will feel good with the radio, in addition, due to its portability and reliability. The radio, moreover, runs on AAA batteries. You can simply bring it along anywhere around your house or out there at your camping easily.

5. Bose Wave Music System IV - Platinum Silver

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The fifth one is the Bose Wave Music Stream radio. This is a fashionable design with a beautiful setup of the display as well as side speakers. Coming with the breakthrough technology, you may expect room-filling sound from the radio. The radio also comes with a remote control you can enjoy switching from your bed. Furthermore, there is the added MP3/CD player within the design as well as other features such as dual alarms, quality display screen, and more.

6. Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth AM/FM Radio (Walnut/Beige)

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Very classic in design, the Tivoli Audio AM and FM radio is the next review you can have a look at. Like you can see in the picture, the radio has a beautiful look, very classic with analog tuning and round speaker. Basically, this Tivoli is a radio, but it does come with additional features such as the Bluetooth technology which you can also play your music from your smartphone or other devices easily. It is a blend between the classic radio and high-tech devices. The frequency range and the construction quality of the radio are also great, you can rely on.

7. Retekess TR604 AM FM Radio Portable Transistor Analog Radio

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Another portable design of the AM and FM radio is the Retekess TR604 design. The radio is so classic to this design, and it has all the features and quality you are looking for to enjoy your FM and AM listening. Great sound quality is one very good feature of the radio, in the meantime. To the frequency, the FM band of the radio is between 87 and 108MHz  while the AM one is 520 to 1710KHz. Standard 3.5mm earphone jack is included. You can if you want to headphone on.

8. PowerBear Portable Radio

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In case you are searching for a radio you can put in your pocket, then this is a really nice design you can check out. This AM/FM radio is extremely portable by its small design. It is battery operated and will serve your listening extremely well. That thanks its high technology. The two other good things about this radio are its high quality speaker as well as the long range transistor. These two things are additional good qualities about this radio you will find enjoyable.

9. AM FM Portable Pocket Radio

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This number 9 best portable radio is another battery operated pocket radio to see. It is a nice, small, and beautiful design while it is very performing for both FM and AM. The radio can be a good mate for your free time to relax and enjoy the time in a classic way, away from high-tech devices such as smartphones and social network. If you are looking for such a thing, then this radio is really the right choice you can consider. It is again operated by batteries, and you will not have to worry about plugging it in anywhere you bring this around with.

10. Panasonic Portable AM/FM Radio with Great Reception

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The last option is to the Panasonic radio of this look, quality, and performance. The kit you will get from this includes the radio itself, 4 AA batteries, the AC power cable and the cleaning cloth. For a classic use, this radio is an amazing design. Plus, it is a product from Panasonic. There is a lot of confidence within the brand. Thus, there is not a lot of worry you can have for its quality. The large tuning knob of the radio is another convenience you can have with the radio, in addition.

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