Top 7 Best Wool Coats For Women Reviews in 2018

Wool coats are one of the best coats to have in winter. Apart from warmth, you also have to have stylish wool coats to maintain your fashion and look as well. Wool coats come in many different designs of colors, lengths, and style to match women’s preference. Today, we will look into 7 stylish and high quality wool coats that you will love wearing this winter. Take a look at our list below and see if any of the top 7 best wool coats down there catch your attention.

1. Women Gray Woolen Long Sleeve Coat

Long coats have become popular lately since they look stylish while keeping users warm at the same time. As for the design of this coat, it is made to compliment any outfits your wear. You can wear sweaters, skinny jeans, dress, or skirt as your base outfits, and this coat will enhance the style to an awesome level. The color and the design of the coat make it ideal for any occasions like work, daily use, travel, and more.

2. Women Long Lapel Wool Coat

Looks more of a casual, this wool coat is one classic outwear that you should have in the wardrobe. This coat is thick and warm yet comfortable and soft to wear while bringing your style all at once. It is made of high quality materials to ensure durability and quality, and its design is just great for any outfits. You can either wear this coat or put it on top of your shoulders when the weather is not too cold. There are 2 colors that you can choose from between black and red, and their texture is just unique and cool.

3. Women Winter Single Breasted Long Wool Coat

Coats with pockets add not only extra style but warmth to your hands as you walk under the snow. This coat comes with the design of large pockets on each side that you can rest your hands in or store items. It is long and warm, and it is made to bring you the warmth and comfort in winter. This coat is soft to the skin, and it gives room that you can easily move even with layers of clothes underneath. 4 colors are available for you to select including green, black, gray, and wine.

4. Women Faux Wool Coat

Crafted with traditional French Bouclé faux wool, this coat is elegant and soft to wear in cold weather. The texture on the coat adds the modern and stylish look along with the appearance of its price. The oversize design makes it great to wear for office, daily wear, travel, and pretty much anywhere you go. You can pair it with any outfits, and the coat will do the style-spice-up job for you. I recommend wear it unbuttoned because it looks cool and stylish that way. If you’re afraid that it might get too cold, a scarf will cover that part perfectly.

5. Women Zip Front Wool Blend Coat

If you area is not too cold during winter, this wool blend coat is the perfect choice to have. From distance, it appears as if you wear a black leather coat which is cool of course. But if you look closely, it is the black wool coat that keeps you warm. For the design of this coat, it features stand collar and stitched seam waistband along with zipper cuffs. There are also pockets add more style and space for you as well. It is one stylish coat to have in winter, and it has 3 color choices including black, platinum, and dusty shale.

6. Women Winter Thicken Long Wool Coat

To add more warmth in winter, this wool coat comes with belt that you can hold the warmth to your body. It is super comfortable to wear due to the design from high quality and soft materials. There are large buttons that bring the cool look when you tie the belt. When it is not too cold, you can wear the coat without the belt and it creates another cool style to the outfits. This coat is ideal for casual wear, travel, work, and any places you go in winter. There are several colors in the options for you like black, camel, white, gray, and more.

7. Women Fitted Tweed Coat

The combination of wool, polyester, and acrylic makes this cool comfortable and stylish to wear at the same time. The special part is the texture that never gets old and outdated of this coat. It brings the stylish and elegant look to any outfits to choose from jeans to skirts and dresses. The warmth and softness that the coat offers is just super cozy for winner. I suggest you choose a size bigger that you normally choose to create more space in comfort for easy movement.

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