Top 7 Best Wireless Printers Reviews in 2018

Printers play great role in everyday use, especially in the office or at home. The best quality printers will bring ease and convenience as you use as they won’t break too often. As an everyday-printer user myself, I know how it feels like very well when the printer dies while you’re in need. There will be 7 best printers in our review today that provides quality in both documents and the printer itself. All of them are ideal to use anyway you like from workplace to home and other places. Let’s see if any of the printers in the list below will match your preference.

1. Envy Wireless All-In-One Printer by HP

By all-in-one, this printer can do anything you need from printing to copying and scanning. The latest design makes it super stylish and cool especially with the touch screen function. You can use it to print paper and photos with ease, and the quality it gives is beyond satisfied. This printer even allows for mobile printing which you can print from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet via ePrint app. The best part is it saves up to 50% on ink which is exactly what every printer owner wants to have. This printer works fast, and it is an awesome choice to have both at home and office.

2. Office And Business Printer by Canon

Being one of the top sellers on, this printer has something that not every printer has. The printer is fully-integrated which makes it easy for you to copy, scan, and fax multiple documents conveniently. There is this five color ink system that brings you the colorful results with great quality. You can print photos and documents even from your smartphones or tablet wirelessly which is super cool. Another great feature is the built-in auto duplex printing that automatically prints on both side for you. This printer comes with standard and style, simply perfect to have for office or at home.

3. Compact Laser Printer by Brother

If you are looking for a simply black and white printer with quality, this is the best one. With this size, this compact printer is ideal for both home office or small office. It is easy to install and use, and it works very fast. The great thing about this printer is that it prints sharp and professional black and white pages. It works amazingly when it comes to printing reports, spreadsheets, invoices, and other daily documents.

4. OfficeJet Wireless Photo Printer by HP

Here we have a compact printer with features bigger than its size. It is very easy to use even if you don’t know many things about technical things. This printer is built to offer laser quality text along with brilliant color just the way you expect. It can print both side automatically which you don’t have to stand and flip the paper at all. You can use it to print files from smartphones or tablets easily which is absolutely convenient. The size of this printer fits easily in small space, and it makes great compliment in any room.

5. Portable Photo Printer by HP

How about the printer that comes with the size of your smartphone that can print great photos? The printer comes with HP zink photo paper to ensure bright and glossy photos every time you print. The fun part is you can turn the photos into stickers with a simple peel on the back of the prints. This mini printer is ideal for events, parties, and trips as everyone is able to connect and prints their photos easily. It is easy to use, and it even has colors for you to choose from including blue, black, red, and white.

6. Wireless Monochrome Printer by Samsung

With its simple and intuitive design, this printer helps you save time and effort in printing conveniently. The printer simply prints clear and high quality documents and photos in a fast speed. It is small and lightweight which you can literally put anywhere as its stylish look compliment any room it’s in. The best part is it works fast yet quietly while delivering amazing quality in its job. It is easy to set up, and it comes with toner that allows you to print right away after the setup. And you can also use this printer to print from your smartphones and other devices wirelessly as well.

7. Wireless Small Printer by Canon

This printer is small in size yet features large ink cartridges for longer printing process. The XL ink cartridges of this printer allow you to print a lot of documents before you to have to replace them. The air print function of the printer allows you to print wirelessly and effortlessly from your smartphones and tablets easily. It also works quietly which you can work late at night without waking up the whole house. There are 2 colors that you can choose between black and white.

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