Top 5 Best Winter Jackets For Women Reviews in 2018

If your area gets super cold in winter, thick winter jackets are what you need to have in your wardrobe. The great thing about thick winter jackets is that they feature warm materials inside out to keep your warm. They extra thick an cozy to wear yet lightweight which does not put pressure on your body at all. You know what the best part is? You can stay still stylish in cold winter with jackets in our review today. They are carefully picked, and all of them are made with both quality and style just the way women want. Check them out and see if you find the best ones that match with your style.

1. Women Hooded Warm Winter Jacket

The combination of high quality polyester and faux fur lining makes this jacket the warm choice to choose for cold winter. Another great part is the long sleeve cuffs that block cold wind and snow to keep you warm. If it gets so cold, you can zip the jacket, and the fur underneath the jacket will warm up your body. There are 2 big front pockets for easy storage and warming your hands as you walk in the cold. The best thing is the large hood that adds more style and comfort to you all day long. This jacket is stylish and super warm and cozy to wear, you will love it.

Color: Black, Oliver Green

2. Women Military Warm Winter Jacket

The military design makes this jacket super tough and warm to wear in cold days during winter. It is made from high quality materials along with stylish design to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. There is a zip up front along with buttons to keep the wind and snow away from your body. The faux fur and lining accents are added for more style and comfort the moment you put them on. There are deep pockets in the front to keep your hands warm when you walk in the cold. It is absolutely comfortable to wear, and it is a great choice to have for winter.

Color: Wine Red, Army Green, Black, Royal Blue

3. Women Faux Fur Parka Jacket

This jacket is ideal for both cold and extreme cold weather since it has hood with detachable faux fur collar. If it gets too cold, attach the collar and it will keep you super warm. And you can wear this jacket without the faux fur collar if it is not too cold in your area. This jacket is thick and warm, and it is perfect to have in winter. Apart from warmth and comfort, it also provides style that compliments your outfits as well. The large hood and front pockets make the jacket cool and classic because not every jacket comes with that design. This is one great choice, you should have one.

Color: Black, Green, Navy

4. Women Winter Warm Fleece Jacket

The unique thing about this jacket is it is made from fleece inside out to keep your whole body warm. It is one classic jacket that you can pair with every outfit you wear in winter. The long sleeve design is to keep your arms warm while the soft and warm materials give you comfortable feeling all day long. It looks casual yes, but it is super warm and cozy to wear in winter. It also has a hood at the back, and yes the hood is large and deep which is stylish to wear.

Color: Black, Blue, Coffee, Gray, Khaki, White

5. Women Plus Size Winter Jacket

If you like oversize jacket, this one is definitely the cool choice to choose. With length that runs down to your knees, this jacket is stylish and cool while warm to wear. There is a long lining of faux fur from the hood to the end of the coat as well as the cuffs. Not warm yet? Then slide your hands in the warm and large pockets on each side of the jacket, and the comfort is all there. This jacket is made cotton blend fabric along with faux fur which makes it warm yet lightweight to wear. Just because it is cold doesn’t mean fashion has to freeze there, this jacket is super cool to have.

Color: Army Green, Black

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