Top 11 Best Wine Glasses Reviews in 2018

If you are looking for a set of best wine glasses for your kitchen, they are here for you. Some people say what is wrong if you drink wine in a water glass? Wine is wine, right? But, when you have guests or have a romantic dinner at home, it is better to follow the traditions. Also, drinking wine from wine glass makes it way more elegant and classier that you ever think. It also helps show how cool your kitchen is as well since it has everything for any occasions. Below are some choices of best wine glasses reviews in 2018 that you can select for your parties and celebrations.

1. Large Wine Glass by Antoni Barcelona

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It is not just another ordinary wine glass that you’ve seen, this is the glass that comes with work of art. It is the wine glass that gives style, class, and elegance to anyone who holds it in hand. This wine glass is also lightweight yet solid to hold. It makes perfect choice for any occasions, and also the perfect gift choice as well.

2. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass by BigMouth Inc

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There are always deep wine lovers out there, and this is just the right container for them. If we talk about the capacity, it can hold 750mL of wine or might a whole bottle I guess. It even has the funny design of sentence on the surface of it as well. There are other designs that you can choose, feel free to select one.

3. Stemless Wine Glass Set by Royal

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A set of 4 makes nice choice for a small family to enjoy wine drinking once in a while. The glasses are designed to fit comfortably in your hand while holding 15 ounces of the liquid for you. The stemless design allows you to take less space which is absolutely easy to store. The wine glasses are stable and simply nice for any occasions like parties, weddings, and more.

4. Mood of the Day Wine Glass by National Etching

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What we have here is the wine glass that sum up your day with the amount of wine you pour. You can pour in 3 different levels from good day, bad day, to don’t even ask. It is funny, high quality, and makes great gift to give as well.

5. Shatterproof Wine Glass Set by Govino

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Here is a set of 4 glass wines that are shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable. Each glass is made of ultra-thin and flexible polymer that you can bring along with anywhere you go. The glasses reflect wine’s color perfectly, and you can drink with style no matter where you are.

6. Wine O Doozy Tumbler Set by Riedel

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And another set of 4 wine glasses is here for you. Each glass comes in cool and fun design that you can hold confidently with your favorite drink inside. The glass can hold 8 oz which is just the right amount for simple shots at home or parties. Every glass has different patterns which is unique and simple great to have.

7. Restaurant Red Wine Glass Set by Bormioli Rocco

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If you prefer those wine glasses you saw in restaurants, this is a set for you. Each glass are made of quality glass which is tough, stable, and feel good in hand. They all have thin rim and edges which is style and elegance to hold. You will surely love to have it at home, and it also makes great gift as well.

8. Premium Quality Plastic Wine Glass by US Acrylic

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Made of durable material, these wine glasses are safer and better to you compared to other glasses. They come in a set of 8 which is perfect for a family or even for guests in small occasions or reunion. You can also take it for outdoor uses as well, they are just the perfect wine glass choice to choose.

9. Stemless Wine Glass Set by Chef’s Star

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Want elegance and sturdiness for wine glass? This is the set that you are looking for! These stemless wine glasses have broad base that makes them durable and sturdy to prevent spills and sloshes. They are also curve which perfectly fit in your hand as you to hold them. These wine glasses are great for everyday use, parties, special occasions, and more.

10. Funny Wine Glass by Lushy Wino

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If you make ‘pour’ decision, this wine glass will be your number one choice. It is the high quality stemmed wine glass that has funny design on the surface. ‘I make pour decision’ is what it says, and it also makes perfect gift as well. This glass makes the gift that everyone will love and burst into laughters the moment they see it.

11. Funny Wine Glass by Fineware

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By the look, you can tell that it is already a funny wine glass. It says ‘Fifty Sips of Red’ which is perfect for wine lovers. This wine glass here is made with both quality to style to give you the class and attraction in hand. You can also give it as a gift to wine lovers, and they will surely love it.

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