Top 10 Best Vacuum Mugs Reviews in 2018

Going to places with your favorite drinks every day won’t be any difficult when you have the best vacuum mugs. With vacuum mugs, you will be able to keep your beverage at the stable temperature just the way you want it. If your morning is hot, it will stay warm for at least 8 hours which is super cool. And vacuum mugs help the same way with cold drinks. How cool is that? The best part is some of them even come with style which add even more look as you bring it with. So here are 10 of them, feel free to check out and select your most favorite one.

1. Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Contigo

Best Vacuum Mugs

The best vacuum mug is the one that does not leak or spill when the lid is on. Well, this happened to a lot of people, but this best seller mug won’t allow such annoyance. Nothing will come out of the mug as soon as you seal the lid, period. When it comes to quality, this mug can keep hot drinks up to 7 hours. For cold drinks, it stays cold up to 18 hours which is super awesome. For the lid, you can drink with one hand easily with only one simple push. There are a lot of colors that you can choose from, feel free to choose.

2. Stainless Steel Mug by Zojirushi

Best Vacuum Mugs

Slim and sleek, this vacuum mug is stylish to hold in hand and easy to bring along with. The whole mug is made from high quality steel which ensures durability for term term use. Also, the mug has wide mouth that allows you to add full size ice cubes in with ease. This mug is compact enough for you to carry around in your bag with your favorite drink inside. Many awesome colors are available for you to choose, and they are all super stylish.

3. AutoSeal Vacuum Travel Mug by Contigo

Best Vacuum Mugs

The unique thing about this travel mug is its latest feature of auto seal. The mug has this new lid-lock that prevents the auto seal button from accidentally being pushed. With this mug, you can say goodbye to the leak and spills now. Just like other mugs, it can keep your beverage at its temperature for hours. Another new design of this mug is the lid pivots open that allows for easy cleaning. It is dishwasher safe, and it is absolutely stylish to have.

4. Double Wall Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Atlin

Best Vacuum Mugs

This mug comes with everything convenient for traveling including a metal straw and even straw cleaner. The great thing about this mug is it keeps liquid with a clear lid that locks in place to minimize the risk of accidents. It can carry up to 30oz of liquid while looking so slim to fit in standard size cup holders. Overall, this mug is tough and durable, and its double layer can perfectly maintain the beverages’ temperature at its best.

5. Stainless King Travel Mug by Thermos

Best Vacuum Mugs

The thing that makes this mug unique is that it is safe and cool to touch even with hot liquids inside. Another incredible thing is it is sweat proof when you pour cold drinks in which is super cool. The whole mug is made from durable stainless steel both inside and outside. Also, it has built-in tea hook that can easily hold tea bags and most loose leaf infusers for you. The mug comes with several color choices that you can choose like red, cranberry, matte black, and more.

6. New Pictograph Travel Mug by Zojirushi

Best Vacuum Mugs

If you travel at long distance, this mug is highly recommended. The mug features this tight fitted flip-open lid that keeps beverages hotter or colder than other travel mugs. More than that, it has the safety lock that prevents the lid from opening as you are on the go. The whole mug is slim, lightweight, and stylish which makes the perfect choice to choose. It also has a lot of colors for you to select as well, the choice is all yours.

7. Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug by Stanley

Best Vacuum Mugs

This vacuum mug is designed to provide ease and convenience as you use. It has the push button lid that lets you open, drink, and close with just one hand comfortably. The combination of vacuum insulation with thermal lid keeps your drink hot up to 9 hours and cold for 8 hours. For ice, it will stay there up to 35 hours! The mug is ensured to never rust, and it is absolutely easy to use. There are 3 colors available including green, crimson, and navy.

8. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mug by Hydro Flask

Best Vacuum Mugs

Here we have another double wall mug that maintain the temperature of your beverages with quality. It keeps the drink cold for 24 hours, and the hot drink for 6 hours. The design of the mug is simply compact and stylish which is just great to have and bring along with. This mug is ideal for anywhere you go from hiking to traveling and everyday use. The variety of vibrant colors is available for you to choose, and each color is super unique.

9. Campy Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Ello

Best Vacuum Mugs

When it comes to cool style and look, no mug can beat this one. It has the design of little stars on the exterior that creates this amazing appearance for a unique look. On top of that, this mug is absolutely easy and durable to use. It features the new 100% leak-proof slider lid for easy open and close. Moreover, its vacuum insulated stainless steel can keep your beverages hot for 5 hours, and cold for 10 hours. There are 4 incredible colors for you including Avalon sea, Georgia peach, gray, and navy.

10. Steel Tumbler by Magnum Solace

Best Vacuum Mugs

With simple design, this travel mug is great for any occasions no matter where you go. The strong stainless steel construction along with puncture proof makes this mug super durable and tough. It can keep hot or cold drinks for hours, and it is ideal for any beverages you prefer. Even cocktails. The size of the mug fits most standard cup holders, and it has different size that you can choose. For colors, there are a lot of them, feel free to check them out.

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