Top 10 Best USB Lamps Reviews in 2018

Sometimes you have to use a computer in the dark and don’t want to disturb other people by turning on the bright light. It would be hard for you to see the keyboard clearly and do your work. Therefore, a new mini version lamp is invented for ultimate convenience. It is usb lamp. The best usb lamps offer great function and brightness which won’t bother others. It is easy to use as well. You don’t need an electricity socket nearby to run it; just an usb port from power bank or other devices can bring power to the lamps.

Buying guideline:

There are certain standards and functions that you should look for on specific products before purchasing. First of all, you should get a small size but with a clear bright lamp so it provides enough brightness and won’t affect others. Second of all, it is about the design of the product whether it is pretty and suits your taste. Third of all, knowing if it is easy for you to handle like a bendable lamp is also important.

This article will bring the top 10 best USB lamps reviews in 2018 so you can have great choices.

1. Mudder Portable USB Flexible Stick Dimmable Touch Switch LED White Light Lamp

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Meet this lengthy and flexible usb lamp. It has a stick light which contains 10 Led lights inside so you will have enough light to read books. Wonderfully, it has a touch sensor at the end of the stick where you can press to turn the power on and off or to adjust its brightness. The cable of this lamp is bendable so you won’t have a difficult time to deal with the long cord.

2. USB Light, Wirezoll Dimmable Micro USB LED Lamp

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Similar to the first best usb lamp review, this product is also dimmable for you can get the right level of brightness to do something. It has a flexible gooseneck and is able to stand straight on its own. Hence, you can plug it in the laptop port or other 2.0 or 3.0 ports and enjoy working on your tasks. Moreover, this white usb lamp is very light and weighs only 1.5 oz.

3. iEGrow Flexible USB Touch LED Desk Lamp with 3-Level Dimmer

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Let’s get to know something a little bit. This lamp has quite a big size that suitable for the nightstand to display in home or office. It is rechargeable by usb. It has a flowering plant with vase design. You can use any Android charging cable with this product. There is also a 100 cm long cable in the package. You can adjust this lamp to three brightness levels. The bendable neck enables right angle shining.

4. USB LED Light - 8 Super Bright LED Reading Lamp

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Although it seems small, this usb lamp has a very long lifespan. It contains 8 led light bulbs that can last up to 80 thousand hours. It doesn’t have an internal battery; however, you can power it by plugging into a USB port. It has a flexible gooseneck which is durable and convenient to use. You can adjust it to the most comfortable position. The length of cord is 17.7 inches.   

5. Desk Lamp Clip, USB Rechargeable LED Clip Reading Light

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Having a modern style, this usb rechargeable lamp is perfect for portability. Actually, it has several led lights in 360 degree ring so that it can give better brightness for a bigger area. Additionally, there is a clip attachment at the base where you can mount the lamp on other objects. The gooseneck enables ultimate flexibility so you can get the perfect angel of the glow.

6. USB Reading Lamp with 2 LED Lights and Flexible Gooseneck

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Are you looking for the best portable usb lamp? Well, it is the one. This lamp has ultra-lightweight which weighs only 1 oz. It has black color and bendable gooseneck for a better position. You will have a good time using it. Interestingly, despite the tiny body, this lamp has two buttons which control on brightness levels. It is compatible with 2.0 and 3.0 usb ports.  

7. X-DRAGON 5PCS Flexible USB LED Light Lamp 180 Degree Adjustable Portable Lamp

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You will love this product. There are 5 pieces of mini usb lamp included in the package; each of them is black, red, yellow, blue, orange, and green. They have a silicone body which is bendable and soft; yet they are self-standing. In addition, the led light will last long up to 10 thousand hours of illumination. The length of the lamp is 10.7 inches only so you can pack them alongside.

8. Ikea LED USB Lamp

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Do you want a longer and less energy consumption usb lamp? Ikea presents a durable and lightweight usb lamp which can be the best companion everywhere. It has 16 inches long cord and 20 led lumens that shine brightness clear and stable. To add, the led lifespan is around 20 thousand hours. How amazing it is! You can save energy up to 85% for using this product.

9. LED Desk Lamp,ALOTOA 2 Level Dimmable Clip on Table Lamp,5W USB flexible light

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It is like a small replica of a nightstand lamp. It is a dimmable led light which powered by usb. To be clear, it has a light bulb of 10.6 inches, a gooseneck of 16.9 inches, and a long usb cable which implanted with another power controlling button. Not all, this lamp also has a sturdy clamp clip. therefore, you are able to clip it against books, tables, etc. 

10. Hanerdun Bright LED USB Lamp Light Reading Lamp For Laptop

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This is the last product of the review today. It is a durable and portable usb lamp of black. It is a led lamp that won’t harm your eyesight with overexposure. Its gooseneck allows 180 degrees bending to a right direction. For convenience, with one button, you can control it completely. For instance, turn on, dim, and off. Wherever you go, you can bring this lamp at ease and make a beneficial use from it.

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