Top 7 Best 2-Slice and 4-Slice Toasters Reviews in 2018

If you like eating bread slices for breakfast or in your meal, it is great to have the best quality toasters. Toasters makes your bread more crunchy and tasty within second to enhance the taste. How cool is that? And that is why having a nice toaster in the kitchen helps bring better taste to your favorite meal. Toasters come in different shapes and sizes that you can easily choose to have in the kitchen. The easier way to get the top 7 best toasters reviews in 2018 is here for you in this review. Take a look, and I believer one of your favorites will be down there in the list.

1. 2-Slice Toaster by Hamilton Beach

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With this toaster, your toasts simply stay warm after it is done without over toasting at all. The toaster here features keep-warm setting with ready tone along with 3 minutes auto-shut off. That makes your toast even, crunchy, and delicious. It also makes things safer for you as you put the toasts in and go cook other things as well. This toaster also has easy-push buttons that you can easily view the toasts to get your desired taste.

2. Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster by Cuisinart

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Since it allows for 4 slices of toasts at the same time, you can make toasts faster and easier. The toaster has dual control panels that allow you to manage the toasting process with ease. You can manage each toaster with different temperature or time easily with the different buttons on the side. It features 6 setting dials, dual reheat, defrost, and bagel buttons for you to manage each toasting. This toaster does not take up much space, and it makes toasting easier for everyone to make.

3. Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster by Oster

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The extra wide slots of this toaster allows you to toast bigger or thicker toasts with ease. There are 7 toast shade settings that this toaster features for you to control shades of the toasts. You can also select from toast, bagel, frozen, to warm for the right toasting with this toaster as well. This toaster will absolutely toast the toasts evenly on both side for you in just minutes. And it is available in 2 colors: gray and purple.

4. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster by Bunn

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If you prefer hot dog to bread slice, this is the toaster for you. Within a few minutes, the bun and the hots are done for you all at once conveniently. This toaster here can cook two regular size or extra plump hot dogs and the two buns at the same time. It is easy to use, and it does not require much of structure to follow at all. The toaster also comes with mini tongs for you to remove the hot dogs as well. You can easily set the time with the adjustable cooker time, and stop cooking button any time.

5. Lift and Look Touch Toaster by Breville

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If you toast different types of pastries from time to time, this toaster is the one for you. It is the toaster that features extra long and wide slots that fit artisanal breads, bagels, and pastries. All you need is that motorized one-touch technology to toast which is absolutely easy and convenient to use. There are also different functions that you can select to toast the right toasts as well. This toaster has sleek, modern, and cool appearance that compliments your kitchen with style.

6. Breakfast Station Toaster by West Band

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I’m talking about mind blown here. This toaster can make your breakfast ready in just a few minutes that includes bagels/toasts, eggs, hams, and more. The breakfast station of the toaster includes 4 slot toasters, tray to warm meats, steaming tray, and 2 poaching trays. It can also boil 8 eggs at the same time while toasting as well. The extra wide toasting slots can fit different types of breads of think to big easily. It has stainless steel body along with easy-to-clean design for easy and durable use.

7. Cool Touch 4-Slice Toaster by Hamilton Beach

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And here is the toaster that can toast 4 slices of breads that takes less space in your kitchen. The toaster has small body design yet with wide slots inside for most pastries. You can fit bagels, sliced breads, waffles, and more inside the slots easily. There are many toasting functions that you can select to make the right toast on different breads you choose. It features automatic toast boost that makes toasting easier and quicker yet taste better for you. This toaster is built to last, and it serves your cooking purpose with both durability and quality.

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