Top 7 Best Super Glue Reviews in 2018

You need to have the best super glue when you want to stick some things together forever for eternity. The best thing about super glue is that once you apply them, they won’t come off. And that is exactly what you want when it comes to fixing or creating things. There are many brands and types of super glue on the market that you can select. But only some are the best choice for you to use which needs careful selection. To help you with that, I search for the best super glue and put them here for you. Take a look at them here and see if they are helpful for your work.

1. Craft Adhesive Super Glue by E6000

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 Want to stick things permanently? You need this E6000 super glue. It is the heavy duty super glue that is temperature resistant which remains flexible and durable even in extreme conditions. The glue is also waterproof which remains secure even when exposed to water. The glue is ideal for bonding wood, fabric, leather, ceramic, glass, metal, and more.

2. Super Glue by Gorilla

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 This is the super glue that dries fast in just between 10-45 seconds without clamping. The glue is so tough with the unique rubber particles container that increases impact resistance and strength. While the anti clog cap keeps the glue from drying out after use. The bottle is compact and safe which you can place safely on the shelf or in the box after use. You can use this super glue to bond plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, and more.

3. Super Glue Pack by Super Glue

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 There are 12 tubes of super glue inside this container that you can use in various purposes. Each tube contains 2 grams in total that you can use multiple times from each tube. This super glue dries fast in just seconds which makes bonding things easier and faster. The glue works best with non-porous surfaces in a lot of projects.

4. Liquid Professional Super Glue by Loctite

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 For heavy duty projects and repairs, you need the professional strength super glue like this one. It works faster and holds stronger so that whatever you bond together will never come off again. The glue sets in seconds and dries transparent for the effective and natural look. You can use it to repair figurines, costume jewelry, cameras, toys, metal car parts, wiper blades, rubber seals, and O-rings. And it can bond leather, cork, paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, metal, ceramic, rubber, hard plastic, and pretty much anything.

5. Insta Cure Super Thin Glue by Bob Smith

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 Forget about the smelly and messy glue that you have seen or used before, because this one is different. The glue works perfectly in any projects, and it bonds things together in place without leaving a trace. When this glue sticks, it sticks forever and nothing won’t break or come off again. The bottle of 2 oz here allows you to use multiple times with ease since a few drops work great.

6. Super Glue Pack of 5 by IIT

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 This is a set of 5 super glue tubes that you can use to glue anything in your house and projects. The glue is super strong, and it dries fast which makes it easier and faster for you to save time. You can use this glue for crafts, hobbies, repairs, and other objects. And it can bond rubber, metal, glass, plastics, ceramics, wood, and more.

7. Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue by Boot-Fix

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 We all have those shoes who just lost their heels or soles after some times of using. This glue is made specially for you to bond any types of shoes easily without clamping. The glue dries clear which is easy for you to use on color shoes without smudges or discoloring. It is safe to use on all rubber and any vinyl footwear like boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, and more. From now on, you can easily re-attach any part of your shoes together with confidence and quality.

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