Top 10 Best Straw Hats For Women Reviews in 2018

Stylish straw hats make the perfect match for summer outfits at the beach. Woman straw hats come in many styles, colors, and designs that you can choose to match your preference. The best part is they make nice protection for your face from the hot sun as you walk. Straw hats are not only stylish but also fun to wear as well. Wearing straw hat is like adding extra style to your outfit on the beach in summer. If you are looking for some cool straw hats, here are 10 best of them for you.

Below is list top 10 Best Straw Hats For Women Reviews in 2018

1. Women’s Wide Brim Foldable Summer Straw Hat by Urban CoCo

Going to the beach with style won’t be too difficult when you have this awesome straw hat. The hat is made from breathable strew material that makes it comfortable to wear as it fits great. It can protect your face from the sun, and it looks nice with dress any beach wear. There are several colors that you can choose, so feel free to make your choice.

2. Floppy Summer Straw Hat by Siggi

If you prefer something smaller and fashionable that can blocking the sun at the same time, this is it. The straw hat right here comes with free size and adjustable sweat band that fits most head. Since it fits great, no wind can blow it off easily. The hat itself is safe and comfortable to wear, and it is foldable for easy storage as well. There is a variety of colors that you can choose, the style is all yours.

3. Embroidered Adjustable Beach Floppy Sun Hat by Funky Junque

People will talk about how cool you are the moment you wear this stylish straw hat walking on the beach. The hat has the design of bold cursive lettering that you can choose more than just ‘hello sunshine. Also, it is comfortable and easy to wear since it fits great, and won’t go anywhere when it is windy. This straw hat comes with quality, and it is absolutely lightweight and durable to have. When it comes to lettering on the hat, no style can beat this.

4. Braided Sun Hat by Sloggers

In case you like hat that comes with band to secure when it gets windy, this is the one. This hat is comfortable and soft to wear no matter how hot it gets. It looks nice and stylish, and it can compliment most outfits easily. You can wear this hat to the beach and on any sunny days to protect your face from the sun. When it comes to sun protection, trust this hat.

5. Wide Brim Summer Beach Straw Hat by ThunderCloud

I bought a hat like this once for my mom, and she loved it. The hat is thin, lightweight, comfortable, yet greatly protect the sun from burning the face. It has the design of ribbon that adds extra style to make everything looks even more awesome in summer. You can wear this hat at the beach and any outdoor trips when it gets sunny. There are 5 colors that you can chose including cream, nature, dark brown, brown, and black.

6. Wide Brim Straw Hat by City Hunter

With chin strap, you won’t have to worry that you will run along the street to catch your hat at all. This hat will stay securely on your hat right where you put it on. The hat comes with average size that fits both small and big head. The sun ray will not be able to harm your face at all as long as you wear this hat. It is comfortable, durable, and sturdy which makes perfect summer hat choice to have.

7. Floppy Sun Beach Straw Hat by Joseni

Simple yet classic design, this straw hat comes with black bowknot that looks simple cool. This type of design makes it easy for you match most outfits with it on sunny days. The hat is lightweight, soft, and stylish to wear no matter how hot it gets. It is also foldable which is perfect for trip and travel. No matter if it is the beach, pool, park, or anywhere else, this hat is ideal for all. It comes with 5 colors for you to choose including beige, black, khaki, pink, and white.

8. Big Bowknot Straw Hat by Lanzom

If you love big hat and ribbon, this hat has the combination of both for you. Hat with that size can block the sun ray from your face without a problem. And hat with design like that makes it absolutely cool for you to rock any beach outfit you prepare. It is stylish, lightweight, and comfortable to wear which is exactly the perfect choice to have. There are also several color options for you to select from as well, so take a look.

9. Sun Straw Hat by Itopfox

Speaking of style, no big hat can top this. This summer straw hat is thick yet soft and comfortable to wear in hot and windy days. It has large span that can protect your face from the hot sun easily and nicely. The hat is foldable which is easy to pack for trips and travel as you’re on the go. It is protective and stylish to wear, simply a great company for this summer. There are several more colors and patterns that you can choose as well.

10. Large Summer Straw Hat by YUUVE

With high quality straw material, this hat is comfortable and breathable which is perfect for summer days. The large floppy brim design offers you the best shade you will ever have from a summer hat. The hat is soft and lightweight which is absolutely comfy and stylish to have since it compliments most outfit as well. It is also foldable which makes portable hat choice to have for traveling. 3 colors are available for you including beige, black and white, and coffee.

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