Top 7 Best SSDs 2020 : Get the best SSDs for your PC

SSD starts to become very popular in the marketing of gaming pc due to that not only they are getting cheaper than ever , they are at the same time offering better endurance , better transfer speed , better power consumption and come with multiple choice of form factor , from a pcie card up to a wireless m.2.

Are you shopping for an SSD for your PC? We got you covered , this list contain all the ssd up from a budget consumer to a presume ssd , from a m.2 to a PCIe card. You’ll find the best ssd for yourself without having to worry about the budget , form-factor or usage.

1. Best M.2 PCIE 4.0 SSD: Sabrent Rocket 4.0

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Sabrent Rocket 4.0 is simply one of the fastest SSDs on the Market. Aimed with Phison controller E16 with BicS4 TLC 3D 96 Layer this beast able to provide Sequential Read up to 5500MB/s and Sequential Write up to 4400MB/s. The Endurance of the Drive is very high up to 3600TBW making it one of the best options of the high end drives.

2. Best Performance :Intel Optane SSD 905P

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This SSD comes with Intel’s latest 3D XPoint memory, it breaks free from many of the drawbacks of NAND and offers the best Performance out of any storage device exists on the market today. The SSD also have an Extremely high endurance with it’s endurance rating of over 17 petabytes at the 960GB capacity, or over 27PBW at the 1.5TB capacity,making it the most durable SSDs on the market. If you’re looking for the best.When looking for the literally best SSD exist in the market right now , Look no further than the Intel Optane 905p

3. Best M.2 PCIE 3.0 SSD: Samsung 970 pro

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In SSD market , Samsung is not a stranger in terms of making some of the Best SSDs. Samsung 970 pro equipped with  Samsung’s 64L MLC V-NAND offering one of the best endurance and performance.This SSD is able to provide consistent performance of 3500/2700MBps read/write. If you're looking for the best PCIE 3.0 SSD , you can’t go wrong with Samsung 970 pro

4. Best Overall SSD: Silicon Power P34A80

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Silicon Power P34A80 features Phison E12 and BicS4 TLC 3D 64 layer. While the performance doesn’t break any record however this SSD is still very fast and offering very high endurance rating. It’s easy to recommend this drive over similarly price TLC drive but with less superior controller such as SM2263XT/E8 or the QLC drive competition.

5. Best budget SSD:TCSunBow X3

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This TLC drive come with a very affordable Price yet offering a high performance SSD SATA controller the SM2258G offering acceptable performance and endurance   , While the Sequentials performance is weak likely due to it’s less superior NAND or DRAM cache , it's still a better option with similar price budget Dramless SSD ,thus making it one of the best drive for your pc on a budget.

6. Best SATA SSD: Samsung 860 Pro

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While the SATA 3 is already aging , but pcie come with limited amount Samsung 860 pro appear to be one of the best SATA SSD , providing almost the maximum speed that SATA interface can provide , they also some with the best features , best security and best endurance in SATA categories. 

7. Best RGB SSD: Adata XPG Spectrix s40g

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While providing a very beautiful glowing light of RGB with support to majority of RGB control Software ,  xpg spectrix s40g also offering Realtek high end controller RTS5762 pair with Micron 3D TLC 64 layer this drive is able to do Sequential Read up to 3.5 GB/s and Sequential Write to 3.0 GB/s.come with endurance rating of 1,280 TB , 5 years warranty and a very acceptable price , this drive is for you if you’re looking for a high performance , low price RGB SSD.

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