Top 10 Best Sport Water Bottles Reviews in 2018

No matter if it is the trip, morning run, or causal day, you always need water with you. That is why having the best quality water bottles is great. There are a lot of water bottle brands out there on the market. That might be difficult to go through those brands and find the right one. How about just sit back and read this review here to have just the best bottle instead? I do the searching for you, and you have them down here. There are 10 of them, feel free to select some!

1. Water Bottle by CamelBak

With a lot of satisfactions from the customers, this water bottle comes with the quality you can trust.

  • The sipping straw allows for easy drinking without spilling
  • The bottle is BPA free which is healthy and safe for everyone to use
  • It is durable, dishwasher safe, and comes with different sizes for you to choose
  • The colors are available in a wide range that you can select base on your preference
  • The prize is simply awesome for a bottle with such high quality

2. CamelBak Chute Water Bottle by Featured Brands 10

No matter where you go, this water bottle is the agent to keep you hydrated. It comes with great features that bring just the best quality for you.

  • The bottle has ergonomic high-flow spout for efficient and easy drinking
  • It is leak-proof which water will not spill at all even if you put the bottle upside down
  • This bottle is BPA free
  • Colors: charcoal, blue, bluegrass, clear, indigo, lotus, sage, and sea glass
  • The price is vary base on the color you choose, but they are acceptable

3. Water Bottle with Storage Compartment by Contigo

Forget about leaking and spilling when you are using this bottle, because it will never happen. It also comes with special feature that makes it unique from the other bottles as well. Take a look.

  • There is an extra compartment that you can actually store ID cards, money, or key
  • The mouth is large enough for you to put ice cubes in
  • The protective spout cover is included to keep out of dust and dirt
  • The bottle is BPA free
  • Colors: blue, fuchsia, purple, and yellow
  • The price is a bit different for each color, but all them are under $15

4. Narrow Mouth Water Bottle by Nalgene

This bottle can store so much water up to 32 oz which is great for half day or even the whole day. There is also a variety of style that you can select as well, but check out the features first.

  • This bottle is made of high quality material to ensure safety and healthy use
  • It is BPA free
  • The narrow loop top design is to prevent spilling
  • It can withstand the temperature from -40 to 212 degree Fahrenheit
  • You can choose the size from 16 to 32 ounce
  • Colors: clear pink, fire pink, gray, outdoor red, pink, rustic orange, safety yellow, slate blue, trout green clear, and orange
  • The price is considerable, if you like the quality and design then such price won’t neglect you

5. Insulated Water Bottle by Polar Bottle

Here we have something cool and awesome for a bottle that you might want to have with you.

  • The bottle has the standard look that is perfect for any activities you do
  • It also fits in standard bicycle bottle cages as well which is easy to bring along with
  • The bottle is 100% BPA free and Phthalate free which is safe to use
  • The wide mouth makes it easy for you to add ice cubes in
  • There are more than 30 color choices that you can make up for you mind for
  • The price is under $15 which is great for a water bottle with such quality

6. Tritan Water Bottle by Nalgene

If you want just a simple water bottle to use but with great quality, I present you one from Nalgene. The bottle has just the classic look yet high quality and durability for long term use.

  • Its design is just perfect for both outdoor and indoor use no matter where you go
  • You can use it for both cold and hot beverage
  • The bottle is made from finest plastic and metals which is BPA free
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Colors: clear, blue, glacial blue, green, red, smoke, and more
  • Not even $12, the price is great

7. Plastic Water Bottle by Pogo

This bottle is combination of classic and quality that every user will love to have. It is always cool to walk carrying an awesomely stylish water bottle like this one.

  • This bottle features chug-style lid with leak proof cover
  • The soft touch carry loop makes it easy for you carry the bottle around
  • It is BPA free, Phthalates free, PVC free, lead free, and cadmium free
  • The bottle is simply classic and stylish for both male and female to have
  • Colors: blue, gray, pink, and purple
  • Price is varies based on colors, but none of them is above $10

8. Summit Water Bottle by Simple Modern

Here we have the spectacular vacuum insulated bottle that makes you say shut up and take my money. Both the quality and the design are awesome, of course you will love to have it.

  • The bottle can keep you drink cold up to 24 hours, and hot up to 8 hours
  • The high quality materials allow for durability and safety use
  • It comes with different sizes that you can choose to match your habitual drinking limit
  • The bottle is absolutely stylish and flawless to use
  • Colors: midnight black, orange, pink, green, cherry red, brown, purple, and more
  • You can say that it is a bit expensive, but this bottle last for years so it is worth price

9. Best Sports Water Bottle by Embrava

If your zodiac sign is Aries, this bottle is just perfect for you. The logo of the brand is just awesome, and the quality of the bottle is beyond incredible.

  • The ergonomic design makes the bottle durable, dustproof, leak-proof, and more
  • It offers fast flow of water to keep you hydrate the moment you want to drink the water
  • The lid will shut tight to prevent water from leaking or spilling
  • One simply click will open the lid with ease
  • It is BPA free
  • The bottle is stylish from head to bottom
  • Colors: gray, pink, pure blue, and white
  • I am going to purchase this bottle as well, the price is acceptable for this great water bottle

10. Wide Mouth Water Bottle by Nalgene

And finally, we have the best of the best in water bottle finest choices. This water bottle comes with the design that last for years, and style that you feel proud to carry.

  • The bottle can contain beverage up to 32oz
  • It has wide mouth which is easy to add ice cubes or clean
  • This bottle is BPA free
  • It is tough and impact resistant which is durable for long term use
  • The bottle is leak-proof and dishwasher safe
  • There are multiple colors and designs that you can select from
  • The price is considerable since more than 5000 customers from loved it

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