Top 9 Best Smartphone Selfie Sticks Reviews in 2018

Selfie sticks for smartphones are the best assistant when it comes to taking selfies of either as groups or individuals. No more close-to-your-face because of your short arms, no offense. Because you can extend selfie stand as far as the group of 10 or more people can fit in. Selfie sticks come in different designs, sizes, and length which allow you to choose the right one for your smartphones. No matter where you go, selfie sticks can always capture your beautiful moments with ease and style. If you are looking for the best selfie sticks for your smartphone, the best choices are here for you.

1. Professional Selfie Stick for Smartphone by Fugetek

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Comes with remote, you can easily manage this selfie stick to take photos whenever you’re ready stylishly. This selfie stick is easy to use, and it has non-slip rubber handle for firm grip to your phone. You can extend this selfie stick up to 4.2” to take group photos or wider photos with ease. This selfie stick is portable, compact, and lightweight which is simply easy to use and bring along with to places. And yes, it is also waterproof.

2. Selfie Stick with Wired for Smartphone by PerfectDay

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With built-in wired, this selfie stick is always ready to connect with your phone for endless selfies. Simply plug the monopod with your phone, turn photo mode on, and you’re ready! You can extend this selfie stick up to 3.5” to take selfies as either group or individuals. The holder is adjustable which allows for a variety of shooting angles in any situations. It works great with both Android and Apple, and it is the compact choice to bring with while travel as well.

3. iSnap Selfie Stick by Mpow

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Having the long life battery selfie stick is like having hours of taking photos no matter where you are. This selfie stick here is designed to make it easier for you to pictures with a better photo sight even among crowds. It is simple to use, and it works just great with most smartphones with the extension of 31.5 inches. The selfie stick has the design of foldable, portable, and compact that you can fit inside the bag or pocket. There are 3 different light color on camera button available for you.

4. Selfie Stick by The Alaska Life

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If you go adventures and trips a lot, you should have the tough selfie stick to capture the moment. Here is the most rugged and durable camera extension pole that you can pair with most smartphones and cameras. It is lightweight, simple, and fast which works great with it comes to taking selfies and footages. This selfie stick is built to be durable, and it is also waterproof which simply great.

5. Bluetooth Selfie Stick by TaoTronics

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The design with quality materials makes this selfie stick durable and stable to use in any circumstances. It has the aluminum design that keeps the monopod light, firm, and long lasting for long term use. You can extend it from 2.2 inches to 3.3 inches to take better photos with ease. With it, you can enjoy 30 hours of taking countless photo with the connection of Bluetooth to your smartphones. It is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones with quick connection.

6. Pro Handheld Selfie Stick by URPOWER

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In case you use different devices to take photos and videos on your trips, I suggest this selfie stick. It does not only compatible with smartphones, but also digital cameras, camcorders, and GoPro Hero cameras. That makes it easier for you to switch your cameras at different situation you go. You can extend this selfie stick from 18.89 inches up to 50.39 inches for wider shots. It is durable, and lightweight which is easy to bring along with on any trips and adventures you go.

7. Battery Free Selfie Stick by JETech

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By battery free, you can simply plug in your phone with this selfie stick, and you can take selfies all day. This selfie stick is compatible with Android smartphone, and you can extend it up to 36 inches. It has adjustable phone holder that enables you to do random rotation of different shooting angles easily. This selfie stick is lightweight, compact, and easy to use even in the crowd.

8. Premium 5-in-1 Selfie Stick by Selfie World

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Forget about complicated set up because this selfie stick needs no batteries, no Bluetooth, or charging at all. It is easy to use, and you can extend this selfie stick up to 39 inches for extra wide angles. This selfie stick simply secures and protects your phone with the precision-engineered 3-sided mount that secures any phones. It it compact and lightweight which makes portable choice no matter where you go.

9. Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand by Foneso

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Another easier way to take selfie is by using this incredible selfie stick with tripod here. You can use it as either an ordinary selfie stick, or a tripod to take group photos with ease. It is foldable, and it has portable design that fits great in your pocket while on the go. You can extend this selfie stick up to 32.7 inches for broader background capturing. It is easy to use, stylish, and durable for long term use.

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