Top 10 Best Shower Caps Reviews in 2018

For women, do you often get annoyed because of soaked hair when you don’t even want to wash your hair? It is also troublesome to find rubber band to tie your hair up every time. And sometimes even you have already tied it up, splash of water still fall on your hair. So what is the better solution to not getting wet hair? Now you can shower while covering your hair with shower caps. The shower caps are made from water resistant material so no more worry of water entering. They have rubber strap for flexible stretch so you can wear them on your head comfortably and easily.

Buying guideline:

There are three main points that you should consider before getting a shower cap. First of all, you need to look at durability of the product. It means the material must be strong and tough for long time period usage. Second of all, you should think of elastic strap whether it is wearable tightly around the hairline. Third of all, of course, it is about the style of the cap. You choose what catches your eyes.

If you want to buy the product, you don’t have to search faraway. Here are the top 10 best shower caps reviews in 2018 which are trustworthy.

1. XL Shower Cap - Adjustable Satin Lined & WaterProof By Simply Elegant

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This is the last recommended shower cap that has simple and elegant style. It has black color with a girl shape print. It is perfect for different usages; no matter shower, or other hair treatments. To add, it is made with high grade vinyl in order to offer ultimate durability. You are able to reuse it over and over again. You can find it in large and extra-large size. Don’t you love it?

2. Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap

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Let’s find out about this great quality shower cap which has colorful dot pattern. It is super cute. The shower cap is formed by two layers; for instance, the interior layer is PEVA, whereas the exterior layer is waterproof nylon. Although it is thick for sturdiness, there won’t be mold or mildew inside it. You won’t experience uncomfortable and smelly shower.

3. Shower Cap - Blue Dot Pattern

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It is a shower cap that has white color and blue dot pattern. The product is created from a strong material which is vinyl. It is worth for long using. You can reuse it repeatedly. What’s more, it has extra-large size to fit to everyone since it has elastic band to tighten and stretchable. After using, this shower cap won’t produce bad odor. You can clean it too.

4. KINGLAKE 100 PCS Clear Disposable Plastic Shower Caps Large Elastic Bath Cap For Women

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You will love this eco-friendly shower cap which is disposable. It is a plastic product with elastic band to create a nice wrap on your head. Actually, this product comes as a big set that contains 100 pieces of shower cap. Therefore, it is perfect for you to get some caps along when you travel. These caps may look thin and small, but you are able to stretch them to 19.7 inches.

5. Betty Dain Trendy Turban Comfort Fit Shower Cap

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Don’t you want to get a beautiful and also functional item to use? This lovely shower cap has gorgeous design of aqua stones having various colors. It is produced from polyester and it can reduce sound of water drop. You won’t get annoyed because of loud noise. Furthermore, it has elastic-free trim which won’t make your forehead hurt or itchy after wearing.  You can use for other hair purposes.

6. Shower Cap - Floral Pattern

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Are you worried that the shower cap may not fit with your size? Well, no more concern with this product. It has extra-large size so it covers your hair well without making it messy. Although it is big, the elastic band will help stabilize the cap on your head. In addition, the material of it is vinyl which can provide super tough condition. The shower cap has floral pattern and transparent color.

7. Miracu 4 Pack Lined Satin Shower Caps

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Everyone wants something last long and can make use of it for numerous times. And this is a perfect shower cap set which is reusable and waterproof. This set contains four shower caps. The two are plain style, and other two are dot patterns. They are produced by two layers of silky smooth satin and waterproof EVA material. Hence, you have both sturdiness and smoothness.

8. 4 Pack Fashion Design Stylish Reusable Waterproof Shower cap

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There is a product that even more beneficial. You can get four pieces in one package. It is enough for you to share them with your sisters or friends. These shower caps have different colors and patterns; such as green cherry, rose red sunflower, black butterfly, and pink dots. Aren’t they pretty? They contain dual layers which outer layer is polyester fiber, while the inner layer is PEVA.

9. Mudder 2 Pack Women Waterproof Shower Hat Elastic Double-Layer Bath Cap

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You can have fun during showering with this nice set of shower cap. To be clear, you will receive two shower caps which have double layers of high-quality PEVA nylon. They guarantee waterproof for you. You can share one cap to another friend. There are pink and purple colors. Moreover, these caps have maximum expandable elastic strap; you can pull it from 41 cm to 82 cm.

10. Eslite Waterproof Double Layers Shower Caps for Women

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Meet this ultra-tough shower cap which has dual layers in order to ensure that the cap won’t leak water in. So you can take a bath joyfully. It has quite big size which can be extended up to 10.24 inches diameter. The elastic of this cap will hold tight to your head. From kids to adults can use this product. It has blue color with many tiny white dots as the pattern.

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