Top 10 Best Portable Laptop Stands Reviews in 2018

Nowhere is more cozy and comfortable than our beloved beds. And if you want to work with your laptop in bed, then you need the best laptop desks for bed. With this desk, things get even more comfortable as you type or use the laptops. This mini table for bed comes with just the right size that you can place on your bed. You can put your laptop and some more things on the desk as well. If you work with your laptop a lot, you really should have this laptop desk. I have one, and it is totally awesome. I don’t have to leave my bed, and I enjoy it. You might want to see top 10 best portable laptop stands reviews down below.

1. Portable Adjustable Laptop Desk by Executive Office Solutions

A flexible laptop desk that you can use as both the desk and laptop organizer like this is awesome. Its features are even more cooler, and this laptop desk is also the best seller in as well.

  • You can use the desk with multi purposes like dinner tray, projector, book tray, writing desk, and more
  • The desk is super lightweight which is easy to use and move
  • Its legs are adjustable which allows you to lock it in place for the perfect angle easily
  • It has USB powered cooling fans that you can connect to your laptop to power the fan
  • The desk also has extra surface on the side for mouse or phone as well
  • Color: Black
  • The durability and quality of this desk is worth the price

2. Adjustable Laptop Table by Avantree

A multipurpose laptop desk is so helpful in the house and office which is why you should have on. With it, you can turn it to more than just a simple laptop desk, and here is why.

  • You can use it as a standing desk of office work, tray for snacking, book stand, and more
  • There are two auto-lock buttons on each side that you can adjust the heights
  • You can extend the table from 24 cm up to 32 cm
  • You can also tilt the table to the angle that you prefer
  • The table is lightweight and foldable which is absolutely easy to use and store
  • Under $40 makes perfect price for a desk that can do so much

3. Alden Laptop Desk by Winsome Wood

In case you prefer the wooden design, I also found a wooden laptop desk for you as well. It is totally cool to have at home or office for its style and quality.

  • The table is durable which is great for long term use
  • It comes with flip top and a drawer for extra storage of documents
  • The material is solid wood which makes the table super sturdy yet lightweight
  • The legs of the table is foldable for easy storage after use
  • Colors: walnut and natural
  • Not even $30, I would totally purchase this table for work

4. Bamboo Laptop Desk by SONGMICS

Crafted with care and quality, this laptop desk makes a very durable choice to choose. You can use it with many different purposes at different places easily, and you will surely love it.

  • The bamboo design makes the table solid and sturdy
  • There are ventilation holes that keep your laptop breathe to reduce the heat of the laptop
  • The surface of the table is large enough to fit a laptop with extra space for mouse
  • The legs are adjustable which you can manage to adjust for your preferable height
  • The table is portable and durable which is awesome for various use both at home and office
  • Color: natural
  • Price is considerable since it has ventilation holes, I believe you might want to have it

5. Multi Tasking Laptop Desk by Sofia + Sam

And if you want a large desk for different uses all at once, I shall suggest you this. It features great design along with styles that you will enjoy using conveniently wherever you are.

  • The surface can support laptop to 18 inches while leaving space for mouse
  • There is a little tray that is designed for phone storage on the table
  • The height of the table is ideal for couch or bed use
  • The whole table is super steady which is simply perfect for long term use
  • There is an extra tray that you can add and store some accessories
  • Apart from laptop desk, you can use it for gaming, reading, eating, drawing, and more
  • Colors: walnut, natural
  • A laptop desk with space for phone and extra drawer with a price like this? I would totally go for it

6. MyDesk Laptop Desk by Lap Deak

If you want something simple and compact as a desk for laptop or sketching sometimes, this one will do. You don’t need to stand it on the bed at all if you don’t like sitting straight with it.

  • You can fit the desk on your lap as you use it with ease
  • The desk can support up to 15 inches laptops
  • Beneath the desk has dual bolster pillows that conform and comfort your lap
  • There is an air flow channel that reduces the heat from the laptop as well
  • There are 2 built-in trays that you can store your phone and extra tools
  • Colors: black, aqua, pink, and purple
  • The price is acceptable for a study classic desk like this

7. Laptop Table For Bed by SuperJare

This is one sturdy and stylish which makes super cool choice to choose for your laptop. Look at the awesome features of the desk and see if you are interested in it.

  • The construction of sturdy aluminum alloy frame which makes it super sturdy and durable
  • This desk is lightweight and portable for easy use and portability
  • It can fits laptop up to 16 inches with space for mouse
  • The table is foldable which is easy for storage and bring along with to places after use
  • Colors: silver and brown
  • The price is considerable for a laptop desk with quality and design this incredible

8. Adjustable And Foldable Laptop Stand Desk by Readaeer

No complicated set up is needed at all, and this desk is super convenient to use. It is simple and cool to have, you might want to have it.

  • The desk comes with supportive and sturdy legs that are to use
  • You can rotate the desk 360 degrees and lock at any angles that you like
  • It can fit laptop up to 17 inches while leaving space mouse
  • You can extend the height of the desk up to 19 inches for extra convenient use
  • This desk makes ideal choice for laptop, book, sketchpad, and more
  • There is the design of CPU fans that you can select as well if you like
  • Colors: black and silver
  • The price is not even up to $40, you won’t find the same desk with such quality at this price

9. Adjustable Vented Laptop Table by iCraze

Here we have th laptop desk made from high quality materials to ensure quality and durability. It is simple but absolutely great to have.

  • The construction of aluminum alloy makes the table both strong and light at the same time
  • You can adjust and rotate the desk to any angle for your preferable choice
  • The lock keeps the table in place which is so convenient to use
  • This desk is super lightweight which is totally easy to use
  • It is tough and durable which is simply perfect for long term use
  • It comes with built-in fans that you can power by USB to cool your laptop
  • The prize is super awesome compare to other table with similar features

10. Bamboo Laptop Desk by BirdRock Home

This desk looks steady and it works steadily thanks to the high quality material design. And you will be able to use this mini desk in so many other different purposes.

  • The laptop comes with the features of foldable legs for easy storage after use
  • There is also a storage drawer for extra storage
  • The table can fit laptop up to 15 inches while leaving space for mouse use
  • It is lightweight yet so durable for everyday use
  • Colors: walnut and natural
  • The price is acceptable for a sturdy and durable desk like this one

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