Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews in 2018

One of the easiest ways to make ice is using the best quality portable ice makers. Ice makers are the compact unit that you can place anywhere in the kitchen to make ice cubes for your drinks. All you need is some time for them to produce the ice cubes instead waiting for hours for the refrigerators. This unit is compact, lightweight, and easy to use which is simply a great thing to have. It is perfect for hot days when you want extra ice in your drinks to cool yourself down. Here is the list of high quality ice makers that you can take into consideration.

Below is list Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews in 2018:

1. Portable Ice Maker by Avalon Bay

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With the convenient and compact design, this ice maker is perfect for any kitchen. You can also bring it to different places like on the boats and trips to make ice as well. This ice maker here can produce 26 pounds of ice a day which is simply enough for a group of people. You will get ice every 6 minutes, that sounds cool. It has indicator lights that let you know if you need to fill the water or get the ice from the basket. There are 3 colors for you including black, red, and silver.

2. Compact Ice Maker by RCA-Igloo

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This ice maker here does not only make 26 pounds of ice per day but also has 2 ice sizes available. No matter if you use it for daily use or a small party, this ice maker can always handle it. The ice maker is compact, portable, and stylish which makes great compliment for any kitchen. What’s more? You can also choose among choices of colors of the ice maker to match your preference as well. The colors are black, red, silver, stainless steel, and white.

3. Portable Ice Maker Machine by Thinkgizmos

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When it comes to quality and style, this ice maker has it all for you. The ice maker is made from high quality stainless steel that provides both durability and elegance. This stainless steel color looks great is most kitchens which is absolutely perfect to have. It can make batches of ice cubes in just 6 minutes which is about 26 pounds per day. This stunning ice maker is absolutely simple and easy to use, and you will surely love it.

4. Portable Ice Maker by Della

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With see-through window on top, you can check out the process of ice making easily. In case you wonder how the ice is made, or want to see how the progress is going, this is your machine. This ice maker has the design of sleek performance-oriented that is compact and stylish to have in the kitchen. It also has 2 sizes of ice cubes that you can choose along with removable try for easy ice transfer. 6 color choices are available such as black, stainless steel, red, and more.

5. Stainless Steel Ice Maker by Knox

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Nothing is cooler and more convenient than using touch control panel to manage the ice maker. You can make ice cubes with just a simply touch from your fingertip. The ice maker has 3 different ice cube sizes that you can choose. And it takes only a few minutes to get everything done. You will also see clock & time functions that let you when the ice is ready to collect as well. The ice scoop comes with the machine for free, and you will love the quality.

6. Portable Ice Maker by NewAir

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Compared to other ice makers in the list, this big boy here can make double amount of ice. Since it can make around 50 pounds of ice per day, you won’t need to run for ice during parties. The ice maker itself is easy and simple to use, and it works perfectly great. All you need to do is plug in, add water, and get ready to collect your ice. The great part is it automatically shuts off if the basket is full or the water is not enough. You can choose between red and black for the color options.

7. Ice Machine by Hawaiian Shaved Ice

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Another cool way to make ice is this amazing shaved ice. This machine does not produce ice cubes, but it will you different choice of shaved ice, snow cones, sushies, and more. You can make fun snacks during hot day for everyone in the house in just a few minutes with it. After you get your shaved ice, you can add many different flavors of syrup, milk, or make drinks from it. I would recommend this because it is not only great fun to have but also a new experience of snack.

8. Countertop Ice Maker & Dispenser by NutriChef

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Forget about waiting and getting bored while waiting to collect the ice for your drink. This is the medium size ice maker and dispenser that serves you with quality. It takes a few simple steps and less than 10 minutes to get batches of ice cubes done. This machine can make up to 33 pounds of ice per day for you, and it works great. The ice maker here has great look and design that compliments any kitchen. It is durable, portable, and cool to have.

9. Counter Top Ice Maker by Igloo

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Small and compact, this ice maker is great even you place it on the counter top in a small kitchen. In 6 minutes, you will get batches of ice cubes right from the ice maker for your beverage. You can choose between 2 different sizes for the machine to make for you. It also has LED indicators that show you the options with style and convenience. The color is great, the quality is great, portability is great, and it is simply the choice to have.

10. Portable Ice Maker by Ivation

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With the design of modern compressor refrigeration technology, this ice maker is one of a kind. It is the machine that you can trust when it comes to ice cubes making. The ice maker here 2 selectable cube sizes that you can choose, and it takes only some minutes to produce them. It also comes with a removable tray that you can easily transfer the ice in no time. This ice maker allows you to make ice with style since the touch buttons are so easy and convenient to use.

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