Top 7 Best Portable Fast Wireless Chargers Reviews in 2018

Wireless chargers are very popular among users nowadays due to the convenience it provides. The best wireless chargers are the ones that brings safe and fast charge without heating up the phones. Also, the best wireless chargers are the ones that does not require complicated placement to charge. To get such awesome wireless chargers to be yours might be not easy. But hey, we have found 10 top quality of them that you can take a look here. Below are top 10 best wireless chargers that you can take into consideration. They are unique and great to match your preference, check them out and see if you like them.

1. Wireless Charger by Anker

Fast and convenient, this wireless charger comes with great features that you will surely like. First of, it starts the moment you place down your device on it. It also has the intelligent feature that controls temperature from heating up to keep your device safe while charging. There is also an LED light indicator that lets you know the process of charging of the device. It works great, and it is ideal for any smartphones that support wireless charging.

Tip: Remove the protective case from smartphones for effective and fast charging.

2. Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand by Samsung

This wireless charger is made to provide fast charging along with portable and stylish design for you. From size to look, this charger allows easy access to your smartphone while charging without removing the phone. It might be from Samsung brand, but you can also charge other devices rather than Samsung as well. This charger is compatible with all devices that are Qi-enabled, with the same fast charging speed.

3. Fast Wireless Chargers by Pleson

A standard wireless charger is the one that provides fast charge while keeping the phone temperature cool. This charger comes with compact design along with anti-slip mat to bring ease in charging. The unique thing about this charger is you can charge your phone either in vertical or horizontal position. The phone does not slip or fall at all which is exactly what you look for. The best part is this wireless charger is compatible with most types of case like tough armor case, rubber case, hybrid case, and more. No wires, no beeps, and lights, this wireless charger simply goes to sleep when its job is done.

4. Wireless Charger by Seneo

If you want certain wireless charger for your phone, this one is built for that function. This wireless charger is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, and Note 5. With these smartphones, the speed will be super fast you don’t want to share the charger with other people. However, you can also use it charge other smartphones as well except the speed is a bit different. This wireless charger functions like a phone stand which you can easily use the phone while charging. It has 2 colors that you can choose between black and white.


  • For faster charging, purchasing one QC 2.0 or above adapter.
  • For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Droid Turbo 2, and other big screen smartphones, horizontally charging brings better effect.
  • Remove the case while charging if it is thicker than 4mm.

5. Wireless Charger Pad by CHOETECH

Super compact and lightweight, this wireless charger is ideal for travelers as the size can be slipped easily into the bag. It has no preferences, it charges any devices with the same fast speed as long as they support wireless charging. The modern design and appearance makes this charger super stylish to bring along with. Apart from the convenience, it also works great as well. This charger comes with integrated smart chip inside that prevents overheating, over voltage, and short circuit. There are 2 colors available: black and blue.

6. Wireless Charger Charging Pad by JETech

Equipped with power-efficient idle mode, this wireless charger will never overcharge you battery ever. It also helps saving energy as well since it automatically cut off the power when the device is fully charged. It is compatible with both Android and iOS as well as other smartphones and tablets that are Qi-enabled. The charger is lightweight and portable which you can bring along with wherever you go.

7. Wireless Charging Pad by Samsung

This is is smallest yet most bought on due to its effectiveness and quality. This wireless charger features compact size along with fast and efficient charging speed for any smartphones. It charges your phone the moment you place the device on, and it charges fast too. There are 2 colors for you to choose among black sapphire and white. This wireless charger comes in a package that includes 2A wall charger, user manual, and warranty card.

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