Top 7 Best Phone Tripods Reviews in 2018

When it comes to shooting or filming from your smartphone, you need the best phone tripods. The best thing about these phone tripods is that it makes you record things hand right from your smartphones easily. Also, you can simply attach your phone to the tripod and hold them to record as your walk for extra stability. Or place the tripod on the table or other objects to shoot videos like tutorials hands-free. Phone tripods are compact, lightweight, and easy to use for filming with most smartphones. So here are top 7 best phone tripods here that you can take a look and buy.

1. Lightweight Tripod by AmazonBasics

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This tripod is made of lightweight aluminum with the function of adjustable height for easy use. The lever-lock legs is included for easy height adjustment with 3 different section of height level. It has 3-way head that allows for tilt and swivel motion, portrait, and landscape options. The tripod also comes with quick-release plate that helps ensure fast transition between the shots as well. It comes with a zippered storage bag for easy portability and storage. The tripod is tough and durable which you can mount most devices like phones or cameras easily on it.

2. Aluminum Tripod by Acuvar

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Here is the tripod that is compatible with most smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, and other smartphones. With the height of 50 inches, you can extend this tripod and take higher shots with ease. It comes with bubble indicator and 3-way pan head with tilt motion for extra stability for you. This tripod is easy to use, and it is lightweight as well as compact for easy portability.

3. Octopus Style Tripod by Eson

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Speaking of flexibility, you can mount this tripod with any smartphones at any stable objects with ease. It has the flexible octopus legs that is durable enough to support the weight of your smartphones. Yet strong enough to mount on other objects for hands-free shooting or filming easily. This tripod is compact and lightweight which is easy to bring along with wherever you go. And of course, it is designed to be durable for long term use.

4. Universal Tripod by CamKix

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Comes with a remote, you can control when to take photos easily with this tripod even if you travel alone. This tripod is perfect for taking selfies as either groups or individuals steadily no matter where you are. It is compatible with most smartphones and even tablets with the simple control with a remote control. The tripod here is designed with compact lightweight quality for easy use and portability for you.

5. Tripod Kit by CamKix

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Another tripod by CamKix here is the one with adjustable and extendable legs for easy use. Its universal phone holder fits great on most smartphones which allows everyone to take turn using it easily. The tripod is designed with steady function to keep the phone in place while taking photos for you. It comes in a set including 1 velvet phone bag, 1 microfiber cleaning cloth, and the high quality tripod.

6. Mini Adjustable Tripod by FAVOLCANO

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This tripod is small but it has every function important to the key of taking high quality photos for you. It features 360 degree rotation that allows you to freely adjust to any degree you like to take pictures. The tripod also has ball swivel head that lets you adjust the tripod and the phone to the perfect angle easily. The rubber anti-slip foot mats keep both the tripod and the phone stable for quality images no matter where you are. You can choose in between black and white in the choices.

7. Jelly Grip Tripod by Square Jellyfish

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And here is the small tripod that holds your phone just as good as the bigger ones. It has the ball joint that comes with resistant which allows you to position the phone in place easily. The tripod is absolutely lightweight yet so tough to hold most smartphones. It features metal insert at the base of the mount that works with all standard tripod threads. This tripod is absolutely compact and portable for you bring along with wherever you go.

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