Top 9 Best Painting Palettes Reviews in 2018

Among all plastic plates or bowls, I think it is best to use painting palettes while painting. Simple and easy, painting palettes make it easy for you to manage colors to paint in one plate. There is a variety of painting palettes that you can choose in different styles. If you use many different colors in your painting, then choose the palette with many wells for extra colors. And if you don’t use many colors, then simply get the ones with less wells. To make things easier for you to choose, check the best painting palettes below and select your favorite.

1. Wood Palette by Art Advantage: flat

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 You would be familiar with flat palette if you mix colors while painting rather than use different colors. This flat wooden palette has wide surfaces that allows you to blend different colors at the same time with ease. It also has the hole on the side for you to easily put your thumb in and hold the palette while painting. The set includes a palette, 3 brushes, and 2 palette knives.

2. Color Drawing Painting Palette by MasterChinese: 7 wells

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 With deep wells, you can add more paints into the palette with ease for long painting. It is also good for kids since deep wells can avoid spilling while painting. There are 7 wells that you can use 7 different colors for your artwork. This palette is easy to clean after use, and it is also durable.

3. Artist Palette by Darice: 10 wells

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 Here is the palette that you can use in many projects for both adults and kids. There are 10 wells around one big well that you can place an object in the middle and paint. The palette is sturdy and durable which is simply great to have and last long to use.

4. Paint Tray by Art Alternatives: 10 wells

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 The only difference of this palette with the previous palette is that it has a thumb hole for you. There are 6 circle wells are 4 rectangular wells that you can put your paints in my painting. It has great contours that conform to your hand while painting so that you won’t hurt your wrist during the process.

5. Paint Palette by Art Alternatives: 12 wells

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 This white palette has 12 wells that you can use 12 different colors to paint with ease. It also has a thumb hole that you can hold the palette while painting easily. The palette comes just at the right size that fits great in hand, and easy to hold.

6. Paint Plastic Palettes by Fun Express: 6 wells

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 Comes in a set of 12, these palettes are great for big art projects that involve a lot of artists. The 6 deep wells allow you to add more paint in different colors easily. They have good size that does not take up much space yet allow you to put a lot of paint. The palettes are also easy to clean after use.

7. Painting Palette by Darice: 20 wells

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 With the size of 13 by 10 inches in size, this 20-well palette lets you a lot of paint in one single palette. This plastic palette allows you to hold oil, watercolor, or acrylic paints for your artwork wth style. There are 8 square wells, 4 big circle wells, and 8 small circle wells.

8. Leak Proof Palette by Martin: 24 wells

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 If 20 wells are not enough, then let’s go with this 24-wells palette right here. This is the dual use airtight palette that features airtight compartment and multitude of wells for your paints. Everything comes in a set of mixing trap and 24 slants in the box for artists to easily work with.

9. Large Folding Palette by Rigger Art: 33 wells

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 And this is the travel folding palette that ideal for artists who go to different places to paint. The palette is lightweight and comfortable to use since it weights only 6 ounces. There are 28 wells and 5 large mixing compartments that makes painting outdoor feels like painting at home. The size of the palette is simply compact yet hold different paints at once which is simply perfect to have.

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