Top 5 Best Painting Palette Knives Reviews in 2018

Painting palette knives are a tool that you can use to mix or apply paint onto canvases with steel blade. You need a palette knife when you need to mix a lot of paint together for your artwork. Or when you want to paint directly onto your canvases with the palette knife itself to create unique structure. Palette knives have different designs at the blade that you can use in different purposes for your work of art. I have seen some artists created amazing texture with a simple knife of big canvases. If you want to begin with or need a palette knife, some best choices are down here.

1. Painting Palette Knife Set by Uxcell: 5 knives

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Ranging from size 1 to 5, these palette knives are just right for almost every type of painting for you. The color of the blade is silver while the handle is brown which is simply stylish to use. These knives are versatile and durable which you can use in every art purpose with ease and convenience.

2. Palette Painting Knife Set by Sculpt Pro: 12 knives

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Comes in a carrying case, these knives are always ready to go with you to any places. There are 12 palette knives in the set with different shapes that you can use in different styles of painting. The wooden handles have brass collars that allows for convenience in hands. While the flexible blade makes it easy for you to mix your paint with ease nicely.

3. Number 10 Standard Painting Knife by Martin & F. Weber: 1 knife

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You will surely achieve optimum results using this palette knife on your artwork. The standard number 10 of this knife allows you to use in many different technique with ease. This knife is made from high quality materials that ensure quality and durability for you to use for years. The blade is made of stainless steel to guarantee the smooth glide and mixture to your work with perfection.

4. Professional Freestyle Small Painting Knive by Liquitex: 1 knife

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With size one, you can use this knife for many different purposes in your artwork creation. No matter if you are a professional artists, creative hobbyists, art students, or art teachers, the knife is right for all. It is ideal for spreading, scumbling, smoothing, smudging, mixing, pre-mixing, and more.

5. Professional Artist Palette Knife by Creative Mark: 9 knives

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These are the distinctive stainless steel blade shapes palette knives that provides quality to your artwork. There are 9 knives in the set that are built to last for long term use to any artist. The wooden handles are made of bring comfort in hand for excellent results on any canvases and board.

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