Top 10 Best Osmo Pocket Bags Reviews in 2019

Osmo Pocket is very popular these days for its convenience and usefulness. It has a size of a hand palm that you can easily hold it and record a high resolution video at ease. As for the great ability, it is valuable that you have to take a good care of it to avoid any unnecessary damages. To protect this compact device, you should use an item which is none other than Osmo pocket bag. The bag is produced to be a cover and a shield protecting the device. You can easily carry it around.

Buying guideline:

You should consider a few things of the product before deciding to buy it. The first tip is to look for high-grade material product because it defines durability and longevity. Next, you can evaluate based on its design and construction whether it is convenient and well-protective. Last but not least, you should choose a product with a size you want.

To get more information, you can check below. These are the top 10 best Osmo pocket bags reviews in 2019.

1. Tineer OSMO Pocket Storage Bag

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This is a case which allows a whole set of Osmo to stay in as there are several compartments for the camera and other accessories. For instance, the case has two deep secure compartments and a zipper mesh pocket. So you can store batteries, chargers, cables and more. It is actually made of high-quality nylon and hard EVA interior to protect the devices from shock.

2. LTGEM EVA Hard Case for DJI osmo

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Produced from EVA material, this hard Osmo pocket bag is what you should have when you want to carry other items alongside. Due to its stiff and durable design, the camera inside the bag is well protected from drop, dust and also water. It is suitable for Osmo gimbal too. The total dimensions of this product are 13 inches in length, 7 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height.  

3. RCGEEK Compatible OSMO Pocket Camera Case Bag Portable Mini Hard Shell

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Having this hard and protective case bag for Osmo pocket by your side, you will never worry over your precious camera again. This bag is designed for convenient transportation since it has a handle strap and a metal climbing buckle. Therefore, you can put the whole case in your pocket, or attach the clip with other objects like backpack. It uses high grade materials to resist shock, scratch and water.

4. RC GearPro Travel Portable Carrying Handbag Mobile Gimbal Pocket for DJI osmo

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It is a lightweight portable Osmo pocket handbag that makes thing easier and lighter for you. You don’t have to carry a large and heavy case if you don’t wish to. In case you just need to bring a camera, this product is perfect. But, it also has inner mesh pocket where you can add small things like USB cable. It is produced from high-quality Oxford cloth so it is very sturdy.  

5. Jesykin OSMO Pocket Handbag

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If you want to pack a whole set of Osmo pocket, then you may consider this best Osmo pocket bag case. It has hard exterior to stay resilient despite shock and bump due to accidents or tight packing. For more information, the materials of this product are nylon and EVA cushion that protects device and tools inside. It is also waterproof so you can be assured the safety.

6. O'woda Carying Case Handbag Bag for DJI Osmo Pocket

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There are many compartments in this one compact Osmo pocket bag. What makes it interesting is you are able to customize those partitions accordingly to your needs because it provides three removable Velcro straps. It has ultra-thick and hard texture which designed to protect everything in the bag from environment. The main material is PU fabric and velvet fabric.

7. SHBC Hard Carrying Case Compatible for DJI OSMO Pocket Accessories

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This customizable Osmo pocket case will not disappointed you through your usage experience. This product has hard texture due to its high-grade EVA material. Yet, the interior foam is soft and adjustable to your arrangement. Its size is about 7 inches by 5 inches by 3.2 inches. Also, it weighs only 0.6 pound which is super light and convenient to carry.

8. Case Compatible with DJI Osmo Pocket

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You can put all necessary items for shooting with Osmo in this one pouch. It has hard shell design which is to ensure durability and resistance to external factors like dust, water, and shock. Anyway, the product also provides large capacity to store many items at once. There are three divided compartments and a mesh pocket. Since it has a handle strap, you can easily carry it.

9. Portable Storage Box Carrying Case for DJI OSMO Pocket

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Made from various high-quality materials such as EVA, nylon, and mesh, this Osmo pocket bag is a long-lasting and beneficial product. Since it has hard shell, dust and water cannot damage or touch devices inside. So it can carry a lot of things including charging pad, SD card, cable, and more. Furthermore, the inner foam is customizable and the strap will secure the device position.

10. PolarPro Minimalist Case for DJI Osmo Pocket Case

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This is the last recommended travel case that is suitable for DJI Osmo pocket camera. This bag has a similar size to a smartphone for you can conveniently put the case in your clothes’ pocket. Not only the camera, can it store a few more items in its inner mesh pocket. Besides, it has a strap loop where you are able to insert a carabiner loop so that you can hang the case onto another backpack.

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