Top 10 Best Lightning Cables Review in 2019

With the new introduction from Apple, the lightning cable is the trending and sufficient cord. It allows the design of a slimmer device. Anyhow, you can experience using this type of wire if you have an apple product. It will enable faster charging and more convenient usage. For example, you can connect the cable to your ISO device, either the orientation. With one insert, you get your phone charged. It is unlike other cable types that require aa single direction to connect successfully. 

Buying guideline:

Although it might be universal that all lightning cables have similar charging speed and work well, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration. Before choosing any particular product, you can decide based on the length of the cable. It makes things more comfortable as you can use your phone while charging far away from the electricity socket. Also, the cord design is matter too. Some wires are braided while some are smooth straight. You might consider the colour as well.

Anyway, you can check the top 10 best lightning cables review in 2019 below. 

1. AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable

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Having this one nylon braided lightning cable, you can use with different Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod. This single silver cable contains high-quality copper wires inside covered with nylon to promote strength and ensure safety. Moreover, the nylon fibre cloth is durable yet flexible, which is easy for you to use and won’t get twisted. It can reduce fraying too.

2. iPhone Charger MFi Certified Lightning Cable

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Supports all ISO devices, this iPhone charger cable contains intelligent charging module stable output. Therefore, it performs its best for safely charging and battery protection. Additionally, this dark gray lightning cable has a braided nylon jacket which has a bend lifespan more than 4000. By the way, you will obtain six packs including 3 feet cables, 6 feet, and 10 feet. 

3. EVISTR Lightning Cable MFi Certified

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Welcome to one of the best lightning cables that you should choose to work with your Apple devices. This orange product comes as a pair of 6 feet. They promise to deliver data and to charge quickly. Therefore, your phone battery won’t run off anymore. You can take the cable and charge everywhere and anytime with USB connector, travel case, or wall charger. 

4. Peceony MFi Certified iPhone Charger Lightning Cable

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Amazingly, purchasing this one set, you will receive five lightning cables which are different in length. For instance, a pair of cable is 3 feet, another pair is 6 feet, and the most extended cable accounts for 10 feet. Hence, you won’t have a problem with charging anymore. Similarly, the product also uses braided nylon cover for safety. They have excellent core material which ensures stable high speed and voltage. 

5. Anker Powerline Lightning Cable (3ft) Apple MFi Certified

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With Anker lightning cable, you can trust the quality and speedy charging. Due to the wide diameter wires, the cable can reduce cord resistance and maximize charge speed. Hence, it won’t be long until you get to use your phone again. Furthermore, its aramid fibre will resist fraying and wear damage. All in all, this lightning cable won’t bring any damages to your devices. It also has 3 feet in length. 

6. PURIDEA 6Ft iPhone Charger Cable

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Guarantee you with its safety and sturdiness; this Puridea lightning cable is formed by strengthened construction which is five times stronger than original cables. For more information, the high-quality copper wires promise stable data to transmit without any errors during charging and transferring. The product provides you with five packs of 6 feet of lightning cables with a year warranty. 

7. iATO Lightning to USB Cable - Apple MFi Certified

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Having the fastest speed of charging and transferring data, this lightning cable is a standard best cable certified by Apple. It promotes speed up to 2.4 A to recharge your phone as fast as possible. In addition, it is constructed with multiple layers to justify its quality. For example, there are TPE jacket, unique fibre, conductive wire, Al-mylar foil shielding, and protective mesh. 

8. iPhone Cable, Sharllen MFi Certified Lightning Cables

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Let’s talk about this incredibly flexible and durable charger cable. It will give a stable performance with the advantages of tangle-free and elegant visual. Furthermore, the lightning cable has a nylon braided exterior for convenient use. Like other best products, it also can deliver high-speed synchronization and battery charge. The product has various length counting from 3 feet to 10 feet cables. 

9. uni Lightning Cable Nylon Braided [Apple MFi Certified]

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Are you tired of waiting until your phone battery refills to use again? Well, with this great 6 feet lightning cable, it will take about an hour. Thus, your phone will recharge to 80% already for its speed is 5V at 2.4A. In addition, this charger cable contains premium aluminium casting for heat insulation. Lovely, it includes a Velcro strap for you can easily roll and pack it. 

10. Sharllen iPhone Charger MFi Certified Lightning Cable

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This is the last recommended iPhone lightning cable set that provides five tangle-free packs. There are two cables of 3 feet, a pair of 6 feet and a 10 feet cable. Hence, you can choose one to use for various situation. These cables are suitable with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Additionally, the thick copper wires will guarantee fast speed charging and stable data transmit without fault. 

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