Top 10 Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors Reviews in 2018

You need a mirror to check your appearance every single day no matter in a bathroom, closet, or living room. More than that, mirror gives the great reflection of yourself and you need it especially when doing makeup or shaving. You will be able to see things clearly without making mistakes. So it is how a mirror is important. Knowing so, today, this article will introduce you a new modern type of mirror which is lighted vanity mirror. It is a special mirror having led lights and greater magnification showing better reflection.

Buying guideline:

So to purchase this product, you should consider some points before deciding on which one. First of all, you should choose based on how many led lights that can bring enough brightness for you, and magnification too. Second of all, it is about the size of the mirror whether you want a small one or a big one. Third of all, it is also important to think about its features like swivel, portability, etc.

Down below are the top 10 best-lighted vanity mirrors reviews in 2018.

1. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

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You can pack this foldable lighted vanity mirror to everywhere as it has compact size and lightweight. What makes it special is that it has three mirrors and the side mirrors are adjustable for a wider view. You can adjust its brightness in four levels based on the environment such as in office, home, evening, or daylight. You can simply turn it on and off through the sole power button.

2. Auxmir 10X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with Suction Base

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As it uses battery power, you are welcome to travel with it and use it anytime. This lighted vanity mirror has an exciting feature of a suction base. So you can stabilize it on any surfaces, and then start checking yourself. It also has a 360-degree swivel that can move to the desired angle and direction as you want. In short, it is very convenient to use. It has ten times magnification giving a clearer view.

3. Makeup Mirror LED Lighted with 1X/7X Magnification

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This makeup lighted vanity mirror is constructed with rotatable head in 360 degrees too. It has stable base which is perfect for countertop. The mirror is circle with led light around the edge; hence, you can check your makeup or shave even in the dark. The magnification level of this product is seven times better than normal mirrors. So it is confident to reflect a clear image of you.  

4. LED Makeup Mirror - 7.5 Inch Lighted Vanity Mirror

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Wonderfully, this is a double sided lighted vanity mirror which is 360 degree swivel. It has compact size and round mirror of 7.5 inches diameter with circle led light. You can mobilize it with ease because you can either use as cord or cordless. There are an adapter socket and also a battery compartment on this small mirror. It is such a beautiful and modern product.

5. JiBen Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

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The design is for tiny space if you don’t have place to standby a mirror. This is a portable suction lighted vanity mirror. Due to the durable sticky base, you can stick the mirror on the wall and use comfortably. Furthermore, it has flexible gooseneck that you can adjust and bend to angle well to reflect your face clearly. It is a cordless type and needs only 3 AAA batteries.

6. Vanity Mirror with Lights - 22 LEDs - Lighted Makeup Mirror

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You can travel with this foldable vanity mirror. It has three mirror sides and the main middle mirror has 22 led lights around the corners. Hence, you will have clearer sight. This one product will provide different magnification views; for instance, there are 2 times, 3 times and 10 times magnification. You will see every little detail on your face. The base allows 180 degree rotation.

7. Magicfly Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Similarly to the previous best lighted vanity mirror, this one is portable and enhances variety of magnification. The triple mirror product will zoom in 2X, 3X and even 10X than standard mirrors. At the same time, you can turn on the light having 21 leds if you stay in dim light environment. This lighted vanity mirror also has elegant design with gold color and ABS plastic construction.

8. simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

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It is a countertop lighted vanity mirror which has pretty rose gold color. It is a cordless and rechargeable device which is an environmental friendly. Wonderfully, once fully charged, this electric mirror will operate for 5 weeks. It has 8 inches round mirror with circle led light to provide enough brightness. You can extend its height from 15 inches to 18 inches so you can sit or stand while checking the mirror.

9. IREALIST Lighted Makeup Mirror Tabletop Vanity Round Double-Sided Cosmetic Mirror

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Let’s check out this battery-operated lighted vanity mirror that is one of the best products. It has dual sides and swivel mirror so it is convenient for you to use. It has a durable silver chrome frame to support and stabilize itself. In addition, there are 10 led lights around the mirror edge which is very beneficial in the dark situation. This tabletop mirror is magnifying.

10. Lavany Lighted Makeup Mirror with 37 LED Lights

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It is the last product of the list today. This lighted vanity mirror has a kickstand behind it so you won’t worry about the balance. What makes it unique is that you are able to adjust the led brightness. For instance, you can touch the button on the mirror surface to turn on and off and hold it to alter the brightness. It is an energy-saving device as it will go off automatically after 30 minutes of not using.

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