Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2019 Reviews

Playing with the best laser tag guns is such a fun activity for kids. So many have been enjoying the game. By coming here, there are chances that you are looking for the toys for your kids. Indeed, finding you the best choices of laser tag guns is what this review aims at. Our team has a look at many available toy items, and we do a thorough review and compare them one against another to filter only for the very best ones. As through the process, we have come up with the top 10 best laser tag guns to recommend below.

1. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

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This first set of the best laser tag guns is the pack from Kidzlane. Coming in 4 guns in a set, the toys get kids to play in group enjoyably with the guns. These guns appear to be looking very kiddy at 4 different colors with the same physical design. In the meantime, they are added with a lot of features to make the game the most fun. One of them is the very realistic shooting sounds there are in the items. With four settings to play with including the pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, and rocket, the different sounds will make kids very exciting.

2. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

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The Dynasty toys instead of this pack also offers 4 fun guns in a pack. It is another very interesting laser tag gun design, and the four of them allow kids to play the game in group nicely. With every single gun as seen in the picture above, there are team setting as well as blast settings which could be interchangeable. The toys, at the same time, are not only fun to play around with, they are made at a good quality for both the look and the durability. Kids will enjoy them, and the guns will last with a good longevity.

3. The Adventure Guys Deluxe Edition Lazer Tag Gun Set

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Next comes the Adventure Guys Lazer Tag Gun. This set is a little bit more expensive than many others because it has more of the items to play with. In that, there are the four guns, the designer case, and the attacking beetle bug. With all these, kids could decide to play one one to 4 teams with the 4 available guns. In each, there are four more weapons to play with. They are short gun, rocket, machine gun, and the pistol. Each of this will give kids different excitement of the shooting sounds. By the way, these guns are of a premium quality and are extremely safe to play with.

4. Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest

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Play22 also has some interesting laser tag guns to offer. This pack contains four of the kiddy designed guns and the four vests. They are best for fun play indoor and outdoor. Of the four guns, they have had a very tactical appearance and are at different colors including light blue, green, white, and red. This allows kids to play as 4 teams together.the gun types in each are pistol with 12 bullets, short gun with 6 bullets, machine gun, and the rocket with 1 missile. These gun sounds make the play very realistic. Nonetheless, they have met all the safety regulations of USA.

5. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

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Similar to the pack of Play22, this is the ArmoGear Infrared laser tag blasters. It comes with 4 guns and the four vests. All the guns and vests have been designed nicely and attractive to play with, at four different colors. These toys could let kids play indoor or around the backyard enjoyably. Even more, they have had the invisible mode, night vision, voice guided directions and the flashlight. All these features come to make the play very realistic and exciting. At the same time, premium quality and a good longevity could be expected from the toys.

6. Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack

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Designed for both kids and adults, age 8 and older, this is the Nerf Official Lazer Tag Gun. It comes as 2 per pack for two team players. First of all, the guns have had very nice looks at two different colors of the same physicality. In addition, amazing sounds and effects have been added into the guns, making the play very realistic and exciting. The guns, in the meantime, are easy to play with while they are certainly very safe to be around. If you think your kids will love the game too, you may consider getting the guns for them.

7. USA Toyz Laser Tag Gun Set - 4pk Battle Box Laser Tag Gun

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Next to check out is the USA Toyz Lazer Tag Gun. This too comes as a set, and there are four creatively designed guns, just for kids. As to the laser tag, there are team selector, life meter, and grip reload. These are going to get kids very exciting with the game. The toys are best to play indoor and outdoor. It too is great for adults as there is a long range of laser tag of up to 130 ft. This gets them to play across the neighborhood well. The guns, meanwhile, comes with pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, and rocket launcher.

8. Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Mega 4 Pack Game Set

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This is the Liberty Imports Extreme laser tag gun. It is the mega 4 pack set at a very high quality for exciting indoor and outdoor play. With four of the guns, kids could play in as many as four teams, doing one on one battle. In each gun, at the same time, kids could choose between the weapons available such as pistol, shotgun, and machine gun. None of the vests are required to the play with the toys. In addition, there is a long range sensor into the guns to strike at up to 132 feet distance. This makes the game even lovelier.

9. Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests, Infrared Guns Set of 4 Players

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Constructed to create a real cool scene for kids to enjoy, this second last laser tag gun recommendation is this Infrared Gun set of 4. It is among the best laser tag guns you could find online. They have had a lot of fun features to offer including the nice look, the battle options by different weapons such as machine gun and rocket, and the sound effects of each. These guns are, moreover, very high quality. Kids could enjoy playing with them enjoyably while they are going to last too long.

10. Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set w/ Multiplayer Mode

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Last of our best laser tag guns is the set from Best Choice Products. This is a brilliant design toy gun set with a lot of qualities, features and styles. Kids could do multiple team players with the gun set, and plenty of blaster settings are there to play around. They are the submachine, missile rocket, shotgun, and pistol. Additionally, there are three lights on a gun to indicate the available three lives. The range it works is up to 130 ft, allowing kids to play indoor and outdoor excitingly. For both quality and fun play, this set is totally worth your checkout.

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