Top 8 Best Knee High Boots for Women Reviews in 2018

Stylish knee high boots make the perfect compliment for any outfits almost any seasons. When it is cold, throw some leggings and socks underneath the boots, and your legs will stay warm all day. When the weather is average, a tee along with short skirt and knee high boots make stylish ootd. It is easy to pick the outfits, but what you need is not just stylish but also high quality boots. What you will read are 8 stylish knee high boots that come with great quality and durability for long term use. Check out the boots below and make your decision, they’re all great.

1. Women Suede Over The Knee Boots With Zipper

Comes with zipper design, these boots are absolutely easy to put on which saves time and effort. Just slide your foot in, adjust the rest then zip up and you’re done. Quick and easy. The suede materials make the boots super soft and comfortable to wear no matter if it is winter or summer. To make it easy for you to wear, there is also a functional self-tie detail at the back for flexible fit as well. The boots come with heels that compliment your body shape and height for a more stylish look. I own a pair of these, and they are super stylish and comfy to wear.

Color: Black, Khaki, Gray, Brown, Dark Blue, Burgundy

2. Women Casual Over The Knee Slouchy Boots

If you prefer more room for extra pair of socks or thick leggings, slouchy boots are the best choice. This pair of slouchy boots features the loose yet comfort fit design to bring just the right comfort for you. They don’t fit too tight to the legs, and they are very easy to put on as well. These boots are made from high quality materials to ensure durability and comfort for you for years of use. The buckle design on top along with laces does not only add style but also adjustability for great fit. Not mention they come with zipper for easy put on and off, this boots are just super cool to wear.

Color: Black, Khaki, Blue, Gray, Brown, Burgundy, Tan

3. Roomy Over The Knee Boots

This is the great pair of boots for those with larger calves as the design is to provide comfort and style. Since it is not too tight on the calf areas, these boots will make your legs appear slimmer. And that is also comfortable to walk in as well especially on trips or long walks. The zipper on the side makes it easy for you to put them on and take them off within seconds. The quality lasts for years, and these boots are ideal for most outfits in any seasons.

Color: Tan, Black, Brown, Taupe, Camel, Khaki

4. Women Strappy Slouchy Knee High Boots

The unique thing about these boots is that the buckles are not just for show but for adjustable fit. If you’d ask me, these boots are perfect for badass girls out there whose style always go up. They are made from soft faux leather along with cushion to keep your comfort in any seasons all year long. The great part is these boots make awesome match with outfit from dresses to jeans and skirts. The slouchy design makes them roomy and comfortable to wear while being stylish at the same time. You will surely love these boots, they’re super cool.

Color: Gray, Black, Chestnut Brown, Taupe, Teal

5. Women Faux Fur Knee High Winter Boots

These boots are simple yet stylish to wear, and you can pair them with any outfits in your closet. There is zipper on each of the boots for easy slip on and off, and there are buckles on the other side for style. The heels is almost flat to make it easy for you to walk in the snow or long walk without hurting your feet. If you want to throw some extra socks and thick leggings, I suggest you order a size bigger for comfort fit. They are one cool pair of boots to choose, what do you think?

Color: Gray, Brown, Camel, Black

6. Women Chunky Platform Knee High Boots

We all know that one person who still can rock platform boots and heels even in winter. If you are that one person, these boots are made just for you to bring your style to the awesome level. This pair of boots features lace up design along with knitted fabric collar for extra style and comfort. The cool part is no matter if you choose to wear dress, short skirt, or skinny jeans, these boots will match them all. They are easy to wear and walk in, and they are ideal for winter and cold weather.

Color: Brown, Taupe, Taupe Suede, Blue Suede, Black

7. Women Fashionable Winter Boots

By fashionable, you can wear these boots in 2 different ways base on your preference and outfits. You can either wear them as knee high boots or fold the collar down and wear them as mid calf boots. There is the design of fluffy faux fur at the top by the cuff to keep you cozy and warm which is cool. These are the lace up boots that comes with buckles to create the stylish look that you will adore. By far, this is like the most stylish choice in our list which you might want to have.

Color: Black, Camel, Gray

8. Women Knee High Boots With Pockets

Apart from keeping your legs warm and bringing style, these boots also bring extra storage as well. They come with built-in slouch with enough room for phone, keys, cosmetics, and more storage. Isn’t that cool? Oh heck yes it is! And since they are the knee high boots, they also provide great comfort in winter as well. There are 4 buckles that add some tastes to the boots to spice style up with outfits you wear. These boots are great for casual wear, and they make storage easier for you.

Color: Camel Tan, Mystery Purple, Coffee Brown, Space Gray

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