Top 10 Best Kids Tablets Reviews in 2018

Most parents worry about children using devices that may have negative impacts on the children. For instance, a tablet which has a big screen is a concern for parents to decide whether they should give it to their kids or not. Now, it is not a concern anymore when you have a choice of kids tablets. This kind of tablets is designed for young ages. Instead of bad results, the best tablet will help the kids preparing for school and practicing skills and at the same time keep them entertained too.

Buying guideline:

You should consider a few points of the product’s features in reviews before buying. Firstly, it is about the screen. You should get the suitable size for your kids and know if it has a vivid colored display. Secondly, the size of the memory is important too; how much it can store files. Thirdly, processor speed and ram will define how the tablet runs smoothly or roughly.
You will learn more about kids tablets from the text below. Here are the top 10 best kids tablets reviews in 2018.

1. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB

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It is natural that you don’t want to spoil your child and yet want to offer something good for them. You will be at ease giving this new edition of kids tablet to children. It has 7 inches display and memory of 16 GB which is enough to store educational songs and videos. But you can add a micro SD card. To protect itself from water and bumps, this product has a durable blue case.

2. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7 inch Kids Tablet

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With a lovely pink case, this kids tablet is suitable for young girls. To add, the case has a strong stand that allows hand-free use. There is a free Disney book set included in the tablets so your girls can enjoy the princess and fairy tale stories. You can keep a close watch over your children through a parental control app. Your kids can access websites you have permitted only.

3. Tagital 7" T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet, with Wifi and Camera and Games

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It is a great kids tablet with affordable price. It is a safe device for kids since you are able to install and set some appropriate programs even on the internet before hand to your kids. It has a quad core system that will smooth things out so you can run the device without interruption. For more information, it has 7 inches screen size with an internal memory of 8 GB.

4. Kurio Xtreme 2 Tablet: 7" Touch Screen

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You don’t have to add more memory card into this device. This kids tablet already has a 16 GB memory installed in the system. It enables kids to play games, access to internet, study, read books and more. It contains Android 5.0 lollipop version and 1.3 GHz quad core along with 1 GB RAM. Moreover, there is an app for parents to set timer and exposure contents.  

5. Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Punch Red

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This functional and lightweight best tablet has similar abilities as the adult versions and suitable for kids. Your kids can access the internet, play games, and read ebooks. As the device has a clear 2 mega pixels front camera, you can make a video call nicely. It has voice command so you just speak and get the system to bring you to want. The tablet can run continuously for 8 hours.  

6. NABI NBTY07SMKG 7 Kids Tablet

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The main purpose of this device is to let children being to learn academically in the modern era. This kids tablet has a program that contains questions and lessons in math, reading, and writing for kids to solve and study before they enter primary school. It also has nice visual; the color of red and 7 inches large display. Plus, it allows internet accessing to google as well.

7. id's HD Tablet PC- 8GB Storage W/32GB Expandable Memory

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It is more than just a toy for children, but it contains high-quality functions. For instance, it has an internal memory of 8GB and another external memory card slot up to 32GB. It has dual cameras so your kids can learn how to capture pictures through the back camera, while having a video call with the front one. The wifi connectivity enables children to access google, youtube, etc.

8. All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet, 1080p Full HD Display

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Everything will be displayed on a large and clear screen of this tablet. This kids tablet has full high definition 10.1 inches screen with 1080 pixels. You will have 32 GB storage to put various files. If it is not enough, you can add a 256 GB micro SD card. Additionally, this device can operate for 10 hours straight. It comes with a kid-proof case of yellow color.   

9. Contixo 7” Kids Tablet K1 | Wi-Fi Camera Apps Games for Children Infant Toddlers Kids

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Purchasing this high-quality kids tablet, you will get a protective case that is pink. Your girls will love it. You can manage and watch over your kids’ activity with the device. To be clear, you are able to install applications and store suitable contents in the tablet for the kids to use. It has a Bluetooth function; therefore, you can connect it to other devices like speakers, headphones, and more.

10. Kids Tablet,7 Inch Tablet PC Andriod 7.1 with 1GB RAM 8GB ROM and WIFI

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Meet this last recommended product on the list. This product is a kids tablet with 7 inches display that has Android 7.1 and 1GB RAM. The system will run smoothly. It has white color and a protective case of blue. The case will offer comfortable handling and ultimate protection. This tablet is able to access many internet apps, game apps, e-books, and more.

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