Top 7 Best Juicers Reviews in 2018

There are times when you need the best quality juicers to make fresh juice instead of blenders. Juicers come in many different designs that you can choose to make your own juice conveniently. It is what you should have at home as well because drinking fresh juice makes you healthy and strong. And it does not take much time to make, so that should not so difficult. You can buy cans or bottles of juice from the supermarket, but it is never better than making your own ones. So, here are some high quality juicers that you can view and purchase for your kitchen.

1. Compact Juice Fountain by Breville

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Well, you see this juicer here comes with centered knife blade assembly as it is made to be heavy duty. The 700 watts motor brings the maximum extraction to bring just the freshness and juice for you. It is made from high quality material which is durable and easy to use for long term usage. The price is also great for the quality as well.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor by Black + Decker

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And here is a juicer that features high quality strainer and stainless steel blades for easy use. The steel cutter and strainer simply juice all your favorite fruits and vegetables to a healthy drink in no time. It has the design of large and integrated pulp container that reduces space on the counter. This juicer is quick and easy to use, as well as affordable.

3. Big Mouth Juice Extractor by Hamilton Beach

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With easy installation, you can assemble it in just seconds to make your own juice anytime. This juicer is powered by 800 watts motor that produces fresh and delicious juice in a heartbeat. It also comes with extra large pulp bin that you juice longer conveniently. The juicer comes with recipes of healthy drinks, and a cleaning brush. And there are 3 colors available: black, gray, and white/green.

4. Pulp Control Citrus Juicer by Cuisinart

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One of the best ways to make juice is using this sleek brushed stainless steel citrus juicer. It has the construction of high quality material which makes it durable and make any juice quickly. The juicer features the unique final-spin that maximizes the amount of juice from each fruit. It is absolutely easy to use, and you have to spend much energy at all. There are 4 color designs that you can choose including dark plaid, nickel, natural, and orange.

5. Dome Lid Citrus Juicer by Progressive

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This is a simple juicer that you can make orange juice with ease from your hand. It is designed to fit lemons, limes, and oranges so that you can make juice from them easily. The juicer has dome lid that double as a measuring cup with its printed measurements in tablespoons, cups, and milliliters. The base and non-skid which you

6. Nutrition Center Juicer by Omega

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How about the juicer that you can use with ease without foaming, clogging, or heat building up? This is juicer for you. It produces high juice yield with its auto pulp ejection for continuous jucing. The juicer also features dual-stage juicing system along with quiet operation for easy use. There are many colors that you can choose such as aqua blue, chrome, green, pink, red, and more.

7. Powerful Citrus Juicer by Epica

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Comes with precise function, you can use this juicer conveniently with just a single touch. With just one press, you can start and stop the automatic ultra juicing easily. This juicer lets you juice any kind of citrus fruit you like including limes, oranges, and more. From now on, healthy drink can be made right at home, and you can make it with a simple touch.

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