Top 10 Best Jewelry Cabinets Reviews in 2018

Jewelry cabinet is a multi-purposes furniture product. It is a special storage to place your valuable accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Normally, if you just laying them around a table, there will be a mess and those small strings will get tangled. But the cabinet can solve such problem. You can access to those accessories at ease. The jewelry cabinets are more than just simple jewelry boxes. They are larger, more luxurious and more features. You can place the product in your bedroom or closet to decorate the room. Some of them have a mirror for you can check yourself up before going out.

Buying guideline:

If you are going to purchase the product, there are several features of it you should consider. Firstly, there are different types of jewelry cabinets such as stand cabinets, wall mounting cabinets, and door mounting type. You have to know and choose what you like. Secondly, you have to think of the material and construction whether it is durable. Thirdly, it is about the size or how much capacity it can handle the jewelry accessories.

These are the top 10 best jewelry cabinets reviews in 2018.

1. Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire

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Let’s start from this mounting jewelry cabinet which can be assembled on wall or door. It has a medium size of 4.2 inches thick, 14 inches wide and 48 inches long. The interior design has several tiers where you can hang various accessories, and there is a small mirror that you can try the jewelry and see if it fits you. It can store 36 necklaces, 48 earrings, and 96 rings.

2. SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Standing Jewelry Armoire Organizer

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You can enjoy the modern and luxurious lifestyle with this standing jewelry cabinet. Inside the cabinet, there are six LED lights that turn on and off automatically. So when you open the door, you will see your precious rings, earrings, necklaces clearly. Since it is self-standing, there is no complicated assembling. You can use it as a closet mirror. Plus, the box is swivel for you can set the right angle to your full height.

3. LANGRIA Full-Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

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This is a stylish jewelry organizer that helps in to make your room neat. It is a stand jewelry cabinet made of MDF board. It has a glass mirror outside and dual sided storage which has a hanging rod, 12 pill top hooks, two pouches, 11 compartments and two bottom drawers. Isn’t it amazing? You can store dozens of accessories and other small items. It also has automatic LED lights inside.

4. HERRON Jewelry Armoire with Mirror Door or Wall Mounted Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

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It is another compact wall hanging jewelry cabinet. Having white color, this cabinet is made of premium MDF with magnetized door clasp accessing to the hidden storage. The size of it is 47.2 inches long, 14.5 inches wide and 3.4 inches deep. It is a space saving as it enables you to store plenty of accessories. For example, space is enough for 29 necklaces, 48 rings, 78 earring holes and 84 earring slots.

5. AOOU Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet, 6 LEDs Full Screen Display View Larger Mirror

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Introducing to the safest wall and door mounting jewelry cabinet, you will love it. This product provides a key lock so that you can protect your expensive and precious items there with ease. Like other best products, it also holds multi-features such as a mirror, several slots for necklaces, earrings, rings, and some empty shelves for small cosmetics products. To add, there are two more drawers to use.

6. BTEXPERT Premium Cherry Cheval Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Box Stand Organizer

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Enough of the hanging cabinets, you can take a look at this durable and elegant jewelry cabinet made of premium cherry wood and MDF. It has a sturdy leg frame to support the whole weight. It enables you to swing the exterior mirror backward and forward so you can see your reflection at full length. It has a secure self-locked door so you don’t have to worry that someone steals your stuff.

7. Amoiu Wall-mounted/Door-hung Jewellery Cabinet, Standard-length Cabinet

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Well, for those who do not demand so many slots for jewelry accessories, this wall mounted cabinet may be your best choice. If you live in a small space, this storage can help you. There are 33 necklace hooks, 52 earring holes, 56 slots for you to display. Besides, there are three shelves where you can put your daily make-up or hair products. Wonderfully, it has 15 LED lights lighting the jewelry.

8. GISSAR Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire Wall Door Mount Mirror Storage Locking Jewelry Organizer

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Similarly, Gissar jewelry cabinet is also a wall and door mounting type. It provides a wide space and secures at the same time. For instance, it has a door lock installed for you can be at ease to display expensive accessories and keep your private nicely. For space, this cabinet is able to store necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, hair accessories, scarfs, and even cosmetics as it has extra shelves and drawers.

9. Hives & Honey Cheval Jewelry Cabinet with Standing Mirror Armoire Organizer

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It has a unique design from others. This is a walnut standing jewelry cabinet. Like a locker, it has a door accessing to plenty of slots and compartments to store jewelry and hair accessories. For example, it has 26 earring hooks, two bracelet tiers, and 18 necklace hooks. However, the other side, there are no pockets, instead you can insert photos, notes or papers. This jewelry cabinet has three tilting mirror angles to provide full-length reflection.

10. Abington Lane Kathy Ireland Home Standing Jewelry Armoire

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This is the last highly recommended lockable jewelry cabinet. It has standing style with the durable construction of driftwood finish. The dimensions of this cabinet are 17 inches by 16 inches by 58 inches. It has a mirror outside, and dual sided storage inside. There are soft degradable slots for rings, hooks for necklaces, rods for earrings and watches, and many shelves for various items. At least it can hold on 350 items.  

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