Top 8 Best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases Reviews in 2018

Since iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has just released, let’s get some best quality cases for it if you own one. Protection is the first thing to give when you have a smartphone because they are expensive and require caring. We never know when we are careless because sometimes we accidentally drop or bump our phones to this or that. With the high quality case, you can always protect your phone from scratches and other incidents easily. So here are the best 8 iPhone Plus cases that you can select for your phone. Check them out and see if you find your favorite choice.

1. Transparent Clear Case by Caseology: for iPhone 7

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 If you prefer clear phone with quality for your iPhone 7, this is the right choice for you. It is the transparent case with a color-matched bumper that express style to the phone. The case features sleek and slim design with comfortable texture for you to easy to hold. It has reliable protection with the construction of high quality material to protect the phone when you drop it. There are 4 colors available for you: gold, jet black, silver, matte black, and rose gold. The same case for iPhone 7 Plus is available for you, just click here.

2. Heavy Duty Case by Caseology: for iPhone 7

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 With the construction of flexible and durable TPU materials, this case gives reliable protection to your iPhone 7. In case you drop the phone, this case here can protect your phone from scratches or breaking effortlessly. It also has the smooth and substantial design that brings firm and nice grip in hand. There are 4 colors of the case that you can choose including jet black, deep blue, matte black, and rose gold. If you want the same case for iPhone 7 Plus, click here.

3. Heavy Duty Case with Kickstand by Apkep: for iPhone 7

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 Made of hard plastic and soft rubber silicone, this case is built to protect and care your phone with quality. It features rugged and dual layer protective design with hard shell exterior to protect against sudden drops and falls. On the inside, it cares the phone with its soft rubber silicone. The case also comes with the protective front with tempered glass screen protector that withstands scratches, drops, shock, and bumps. It has a kickstand with belt clip for extra function to the phone as well.

4. Slim Ripper Design Case by Caseology: for iPhone 7

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 Caseology always come up with many cool designs of phone case for you to choose like this one right here. On the surface of this case has three-dimensional pattern that provides a secure and comfortable grip in your hand. It also offers great protection to the phone from bumps or falls with its TPU and high quality materials design. This stylish case has 6 different colors for you including burgundy, deep blue, coral pink, matte black, mint green, and navy blue.

5. Sliding Card Holder Wallet Case by Vofolen: for iPhone 7

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 The unique design of this phone case bring extra style for your iPhone 7 when you use it. The secret card slot at the back allows you to place 2 cards or cash with similar size easily. The dual construction of this case is with shock absorbing TPU and anti-scratch for extra protection to the phone. It has precise cutouts that allow you to access to cameras, volume, or charging ports without removing the case. There are 8 colors that you can choose, feel free to select one from the choices.

6. Modern Slim Geometric Design Case by Caseology: for iPhone 7 Plus

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 Give your extraordinary iPhone 7 Plus with some style with this dynamic geometric case here. The trendy geometric patterns on the back of the case creates stylish look to eyes and great feel to hands. It also features smooth coatings that makes the case comfortable no matter how long you hold it. This case gives great protection to the phone as it is made from high quality materials that protect against drops. It comes 5 choices of colors: burgundy, deep blue, coral pink, and more.

7. Hybrid Protective Clear Case by Spigen: for iPhone 7 Plus

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 Here is the clear case with colorful round and edges along with high quality design. It is the slim, form fitting, and minimalist bumper case with defined edges and smooth finish. Since the case is made of shock absorbing high grade TPU and PC materials, it protects your phones against bumps and drops. You can choose among the 4 colors available including navy, black, green, and pink.

8. Glitter Case by ESR: for iPhone 7 Plus

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 I believe many women like glitter, and this glitter case here is simply astonishing for you to have. The bling bling style that shines especially when expose to light makes this case compliment your phone with class and style. It features 3-layer design combined with high quality materials to provide full protection to the phone. With it, you can protect your phone when it drops from shock, scratches, and more. There are 5 colors of glitter that you can select from black, pink, silver, champagne gold, to rose gold.

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