Top 10 Best Insect Repellent Bracelets Reviews in 2018

When going outside, Are insects and bugs your big problem? Those insects bother you and prevent you and your family from having fun. Sometimes, they cause issues such as skin allergy, and bites. You need to find a way to get rid of the insects. Using a spray or applying lotion requires you to repeatedly do it and it is not so good for health. Actually, there is a new way to repel bugs, insect repellent bracelets. The bracelets look simple. However, the materials for them are not normal. They contain ingredients that can chase mosquitoes, flies, and more insects away.

Buying guideline:

There are some tips for you to consider which product you should choose. First of all, you have to know more details about the ingredients of the product whether they are safe. Secondly, it is about materials. Though all bracelets have special ingredients, some are made of plastic, while some are rubber. Thirdly, knowing the ability of the bracelets to protect you is important such as how long it lasts.

Now, this article is going to present you the top 10 best insect repellent bracelets reviews in 2018. Check them out to get the high-quality.

1. Original Kinven Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Natural DEET FREE Insect Repellent Bands

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You and your family will get ultimate protection from this set of insect repellent bracelet. There are 4 pieces which two are red and others are brown so you can share your members and friends. They are usable for adults and kids, even pregnant mothers can wear them safely. You can wear them all the time indoor and outdoor. They are waterproof and keep you safe in the 20 square meters area.

2. Mosquito Repellent Bracelet,Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Pest Control

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You will receive plenty of pieces from this large set. In the package, there are 24 bracelets with five different colors such as black, green, yellow, blue and red. Each one enhances natural ingredients to chase insects away and is safe for everyone. For example, they are geraniol, lemongrass oil, and citronella oil. However, for those who have sensitive skin should be cautious. The bracelets last up to 250 hours.

3. iGearPro Mosquito Repellent Bracelets bug repellent bracelet insect repellent bracelet

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No need to be afraid of water, this product is waterproof and scratch resistance. You can wear it into the shower as well. You will get five different color insect repellent bracelets made of soft silicon material. You can adjust the length of the bracelet as they have several clip holes. Therefore, you will wear them comfortably. Plus, the ingredients of the product are chamomile, wormwood, lavender, mint, eucalyptus leaves, and citronella.

4. SelpHbalance Mosquito Repellent Bracelet for Kids, Adults & Pets

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Because of natural insects repellent ingredients, you can travel at ease without concern of insects by wearing one or two bracelets. This waterproof insect repellent bracelet product has 24 pieces and other 12 patches. They are here to protect you for 5760 hours. The bracelets are elastic and extendable. You can wear them on hands or legs. Each of the bracelets has a nice scent from lavender and peppermint.

5. Mosquito Repellent Bracelet,10pcs Insect & Bug Repellent Bands

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No matter day or night, indoor or outdoor, this insect repellent bracelet set is safe and usable all the time. There are 10 pieces in the set and each one stays active for up to 72 hours. No mosquito or bug can bother you and your family in these 3 days. They enhance natural essential oils and non-toxic so even sensitive people can use them. In addition, these insect repellent bracelets are waterproof and adjustable.

6. Gorgeous Ranch Mosquito Repellent Bracelets 20 Pack,100% Natural Deet-Free

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It would be great to have this set of waterproof insect repellent bracelet on a trip. There are 20 packs and each one can protect you from small insects for 300 hours. Isn’t amazing? What makes the bracelets effective is the natural formula of citronella, lemongrass, and geraniol essential oils. They are bad for mosquito but safe to human. And as they are stretchy, they fit for both adults and kids.

7. Mosquito Guard Kids Repellent Bands/Bracelets

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It is also a big package of insect repellent bracelet which is perfect for travel. The product has plant-based ingredients having non-toxic. Since it has a waterproof feature, you can wear it to the beach or swimming pool. Actually, you will obtain 20 pieces of the orange elastic bracelet so you can share them with others and use for a very long time. You can wear the bracelets on wrist and ankle.  

8. GREAT OUTDOORS Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

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Seems like hair ties, this is an insect repellent bracelet set containing 22 bracelets and 6 patches. The product is safe for everyone even for babies and expectant mothers. The ingredients to chase insects away are citronella, lemongrass and geraniol oils. Wonderfully, each one can protect you up to 300 hours. No matter where you go to the forest or beach, you can keep it with you to have a better trip.

9. No Buggy Me All-Natural Stylish Mosquito & Bug Repellent Bracelet

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If the big set is too much for you to use, this insect repellent bracelet product gives two protective bracelets of black and red. They enhance natural essential oils of lavender, geranium, peppermint, citronella and more to make sure that the bracelets are truly safe and effective. Plus, when you don’t use them, you can store them in a zip lock bag to extend their active hours.  

10. Finita Pesto Mosquito Repellent Bracelet - Pack of 5 by Non-Toxic

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To repel mosquito and other bugs, this non-toxic insect repellent bracelet is the best choice. Having five pieces in the set, this product is suitable for all outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, swimming, fishing. With the power of natural ingredients, the bracelets release effective scent to protect you from insects for 120 hours long. Moreover, you can adjust the length and tighten them on your wrist or ankle.

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