Top 10 Best Inflatable Sofa Reviews in 2019

When it comes to mobilization of sofa, you should get a special type of sofa that brings plenty of benefits to you. Have you heard of inflatable sofa? It is a light and portable sofa which you can bring to everywhere. The inflatable sofa is an ideal for camping and picnic since you inflate and deflate in minutes. It is not necessary only for outdoor activities. You can use it as the indoor sofa as well. The air will stay inside the sofa for days so it is an ideal for small apartment.

Buying guideline:

You should think carefully before purchasing an inflatable sofa to avoid disappointment. Firstly, it is better to know clearly how durable the sofa is. You should check its materials to ensure. Secondly, you can choose according to its size and capacity whether it is appropriate to your need. Thirdly, it is about the design that serves users’ purposes. There are many sofa styles such as a single couch, full sofa, etc.

For more information, you can check these top 10 best inflatable sofa reviews in 2019.

1. Intex Inflatable Pull Out Sofa Airbed

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It is a large inflatable sofa featuring pull-out leg rests. You can rest of this sofa or lie down on the extensive bed. For more information, this product uses waterproof top and vinyl bottom to provide both durability and feature to stay with water. It has a lightweight easy to handle, yet it can support maximum weight up to 200 kg. There is 2-in-1 valve for quick inflate and deflate. Hence, you won’t have a hard time to handle it.

2. Benross 88170 5-in-1 Inflatable Flocked Sofabed

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Such a transformer, this Benross inflatable sofa is what every household desires. For instance, you can adjust this sofa into five shades for different purposes. Due to the coil-beam construction, it can support your body flawlessly despite its original lightness. Moreover, purchasing this best product, you will also receive a carry bag for convenient portable.

3. Vango Inflatable Camping Sofa

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If you are looking for a single flocked sofa that is easy to manage, this inflatable camping sofa is the ideal. You will find it beneficial to use both indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, this sofa is constructed from flocked PVC to offer soft and resilient surface. Hence, your body can rest comfortably on it. Its plastic body can ensure strong support which is up to 250 kg.

4. LIVIVO 5-in-1 Inflatable Sofa Couch Flocked Surface Double Air-Bed Mattress Lounger

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Coming to this multi-functional inflatable couch, you will love how convenient and long-lasting it is. The sofa is made from vinyl material which gives lightweight of 6 kg; however, it can support great maximum weight. In addition, you can transform this one sofa into five designs; such as mattress, lounger, double bed, and so on. Also, a carry bag is included in the set.

5. ASAB Inflatable Chair Sofa Blow Up Seat Gaming Lounger Indoor Outdoor

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It is a cute inflatable chair sofa suitable for outdoor and indoor due to its durability. The material used for this product is textile. Therefore, it has an ultra-lightweight which is only 2 kg. Additionally, it has such a unique design; two seat compartments for two people. This product uses soft plush fabric so you can feel the smooth texture and soft enough to lean on.

6. Inflatable Lounger, Premium Air Sofa With Durable Fabric

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Let’s check this comfortable inflatable lounger with ergonomic design. The product has head rest design which support your head and neck. Hence, you will sleep on this portable sofa. Moreover, it uses high grade material of nylon that offers waterproof and non-rip for long-lasting usage. Once you inflate, it can stay pump up to 8 hours. There are two side pockets to handle your items.

7. HUOU Inflatable lounger, 2019 New Waterproof inflatable Sofa

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You won’t be disappointed purchasing this amazing waterproof inflatable sofa. It is the most convenient sofa and ready to use at all time. For instance, you do not need an air pump to inflate this travel sofa because it just needs wind to fill up. Furthermore, it is perfect for beach activity since the material is durable polyester and waterproof. This sofa can support up to 440 lbs.

8. Per Baby Inflatable Seat Cartoon Tiger Booster Learn To Sit Sofa

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Enough with adult products, let’s take a look at this cute inflatable sofa for small kids. Having cartoon design, this baby sofa offers stable sit and fun BB sound feature that suitable for babies older than 3 months. What’s more, it uses non-toxic material to ensure the baby health safety. The eco-friendly material is plastic. For this product, you need an air pump to inflate effectively.

9. Deluxe Inflatable Chair and Footstool

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Are you interested in a deluxe inflatable chair? This round lightweight chair has dimensions of 125 cm by 100 cm by 85 cm. Due to its thickness, you can assure its resilience. This product is suitable for camping chair and foot stool at home. Greatly, alongside with the plastic chair, you will also get repair patch for you can use for longer. Additionally, it uses waterproof flocked surface for comfort.

10. Disney Frozen 2 in 1 Inflatable Flip Out Mini Sofa & Lounger

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This is the last recommended inflatable mini sofa that makes your lifestyle much easier and stylish. It has compact size which is for children. You can get it as a gift for kids. Anyway, the product can turn into a sofa and a lounger which the kids can sit or sleep on. Furthermore, it comes with a removable cover having frozen princess pattern. You can wash it in a washing machine at ease.

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