Top 10 Best Inflatable Pool Floats Reviews in 2018

One of the coolest ways to chill in the pool is lying on the pool floats relaxing under the sun. But guess what, you will find the coolest and best quality pool floats right here in the list below. There are so many cool inflatable pool flats out there in the market. You will find some awesome pool floats that make you look cool as you sunbathing in the pool. They make great choice to sleep on for taking summer photos too! There are top 10 best inflatable pool floats reviews in the list, I am sure you will some that matches your style and preference.

1. King Kool Inflatable Lounge by Intex

When it comes to comfort while chilling in the pool, this lounge has it all. It comes with the size that you can enjoy sunbathing while floating relaxingly. The lounge comes with the design of drink holder, arm and back rests for extra comfort for yo. It is simply stylish and comfortable to have.

2. Giant Strawberry Inflatable Pool Floats

You can take cool photos of yourself chilling in the pool on this awesome strawberry float with style. It is thick and soft which is absolutely comfortable to relax your back on. The color is bright, and the quality is great. And guess what, it is one of the coolest pool floats to have this summer.

3. Flamingo Inflatable Raft by GoFloats

Or if you prefer using animal design floats, flamingo it is! This float is huge which is ideal for adults to ride on. It is fun and totally cool to have. Hope your camera is ready, because this is going to be the most awesome photos on the pool.


4. River Run II Sport Lounge by Intex

A lounge for 2, this is perfect for couple or friends who want to relax in the pool or water. This lounge can support 2 people cozily since it has a built-in cooler for extra beverage as well. There are also 2 cup holders that can hold your drink as you relax on the lounge. This is just the perfect inflatable float for two people.

5. Derby Duck Inflatable Float by GAME

Apart from flamingo, this derby duck is another cool choice to have in the pool. This bright yellow duck attracts attention and style for you at the same time. It is also very big which is the best pool float ever to have in 2017. You really should have it.

6. Chaise Lounger by Kelsyus

Here is the unique sit-up floating chair that keeps your head and shoulder dry. With it, you can enjoy sunbathing in the pool with ease and comfort. The lounger also has a built-in cup holder to hold your drinks as well. Simple and comfortable, it is one of a kind.

7. Floating Hammock by Kelsyus

For something portable and comfortable, this is the float for you. It comes with the size that can support your whole body in the water. But when deflate, it fits just right into a carry bag which is absolutely easy to bring along with. The head part pokes out to support your head as you rest while chilling in the water. Just the great float choice to have for both pool and lake.

8. Sit N Float Inflatable Lounge by Intex

Sit and float it is! This is another incredible lounge that you might want to take into consideration this summer. It has simple design that you can just sit and talk to your friends as you float in the pool. The lounge comes with 2 handles for extra stability that you can hold on to. It has color choices, and it is simply awesome to have.

9. Giant Pineapple Float by Jasonwell

This is something everyone would want to have. A cool pineapple float that maintains your style and comfort in the water. It comes with just the right size for an average person with weight up to 300 pounds. This float is absolutely perfect for summer, and it also makes perfect birthday present as well.

10. Inflatable Watermelon by Intex

Besides pineapple, this watermelon is probably the second perfect float choice to choose. The best part is it can hold up to 2 people at the same time. Now you can enjoy a fun summer with your best friend on a very cool float in the pool with ease.

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