Top 10 Best Hidden Cameras Choices Reviews in 2018

Security is the main thing these days, and hidden cameras play great part in it. From keeping up with things happen in the house to outside the house, hidden cameras help a lot. The special features of every hidden cameras in our list today is that no one will know that they are cameras. The design and size of each camera can camouflage and blend perfectly into its surrounding. It might appear as decoration item while recording every action in the house perfectly clear for you. You will find 10 best of them below, and I believe you need them at home.

1. Photo Frame Security Camera

Looks like just a normal photo frame on the desk, but record everything makes perfect hidden camera. The camera of this frame features motion detection that starts recording automatically when there is movement detected. The footages that it records result in crystal color full HD with clear images and high definition. It does not have light, and it is ideal for small kid’s room.

2. Wireless Portable Mini Spy Camera

If you need a super small hidden camera, this one shall be the right choice. It is the mini hidden camera with 8 different style lens buttons which you can even sew on clothes. The camera has no distance limitation, you can view live videos even when you’re not with the camera. It features motion detection function, and it can record up to 80 minutes while on the go.

3. Water Bottle Hidden Camera

Water bottle is an awesome hidden camera option in places like gym, swimming pool, events, and pretty much anywhere. It is a real water bottle that comes with camera that can record full HD videos up to 2.5 hours continuously. The bottle itself can withstand temperature up to 60 degree Celsius, and no one will know that it is a hidden camera. It is easy to use, and it shows no light while recording at all which is one of the best qualities of hidden camera.

4. Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

The thing that separates the difference between this photo frame and the previous one is night vision. This hidden camera can record footages both day and night with the same high quality resolution. It can record a night visual range from 15 to 25 feet in total darkness. Another great part is the battery life. For day time, it can standby and record up to 30 hours while 10 hours at night. You can also use PIR motion to activate recording standby time for up to 2 years.

5. Screw Mini Hidden Camera

No one would ever suspect a screw as an hidden camera, they are too obvious and too small. The size allows you to install and hide easily while recording big images for you. It records high definition photos and videos, and you can install it anywhere in the house. The best features of this mini camera is it is lightweight, low power consumption, and stable.

6. Electrical Outlet Hidden Spy Camera

Simply stick it to the wall, and what it appears to people is a helpless outlet that no one will pay attention to. Its standby ability can last up to 15 days, and you only need 2 pieces of batter for that. The special thing about this camera is it has the function of avoiding useless video that waste the memory card space. This outlet comes in a package that includes a 16GB SD card, 2pcs covert, 2pcs battery, 4pcs 3M mounting tape, charger, and reset pin.

7. Hidden Spy Camera

At a quick glance, this device looks just like a normal smoke detector or Wi-Fi router. This camera has a few different recording options including record just sound, record video and sound, and take photos. It is easy to install and operate, and it can record up to 10 hours continuously after fully charged. Speaking of charging, it is also easy to charge as well with a simple USB cable connection. The footage quality is 1080P full HD with details, and the price is also considerable.

8. Clock Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

This device works a lot more than it appears as a digital clock, and that is perfect for hidden camera. With an app, you will be able to monitor, record videos, and snapshot photos anytime and anywhere easily. The great part is the alarm will be transferred to your smartphone when motion is detected. Its footage quality? HD 1080P is at your service, and the resolution is crystal clear just the way you want it to be. It is simple and easy to use, and you might want to take it into consideration.

9. AC Adapter Hidden Camera

It is the adapter that provides live video feed, record, and send email alerts even from the distance. This adapter comes with hidden camera that records in clear HD 1080P at 30 frames per second. The camera can even tilt up to 15 degree for more effective surveillance video footage. It works 24/7, and it also display date and time on videos to make view easily as well. It is unique and standard, and customers love it.

10. Spy Pen With Hidden Camera

This thing never gets old, and spy pen is still useful when it comes to hidden camera. This pen comes with smart motion detection and innovative loop recording features that provide convenience in use for you. It might look small, but its battery life is large as it supports video recording up to 75 minutes. The quality of the video is crystal clear, and this classic spy pen is just made for everyone.

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