Top 10 Best Hair Growth Serum Reviews in 2018

For those who have suffered from hair loss due to stress or bad hair conditions, it must be a huge concern to deal with it. If you don’t take care of it well, it will lead to severe problems such as bald. Using hair growth shampoo may not be effective as it contains little amount of ingredients to heal and repair your hair. But it is different with hair growth serum. The best hair growth serum is organic and consisting of many high-quality ingredients. The formula can stimulate and improve hair conditions from root to end.

Buying guideline:

If you want to use the serum, there are a few things you should consider before buying. First of all, you have to know clearly what in the formula of the serum bottle because ingredients define quality whether it is effective. Second of all, some serums are usable on hair, eyelashes, eyebrow, lips and more. It would be nice to use them on. Third of all, you should choose the serum that suitable for your skin types such as oily or dry.

These are the top 10 best hair growth serum reviews in 2018. Check them out!

1. Castor Oil USDA Organic Cold-Pressed

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Let’s welcome a great hair growth serum product for dry skin of 16 oz. This serum has special ability to heal and moisture your skin with ingredients of castor oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil. All are natural without harsh chemical so it is safe to apply. You can use it on hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, face, and lips. The serum will soothe and hydrate your skin, and prevent hair loss.

2. Herstyler Hair Repair Serum Argan Oil Hair Serum

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With the easy-spray head, you can apply this hair growth serum at ease on any areas. Containing in a bottle of 60 ml, it is made of many good ingredients such as Argan oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, and more. Therefore, the formula is able to nourish your hair and give enough moisture so that you can reduce frizzy hair and get straight and healthy hair. It repairs problems and improves the condition.

3. Hairfluence Growth & Shine Hair Oil

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You don’t have to worry about hair types because this hair growth serum works on all types. It will grow your hair and make it shine with the effective key ingredients inside the formula. For instance, there are Jamaican castor oil, marula oil, keratin, argan oil, baobab oil, biotin, shea butter. It also has an essential oil blend in order to give a nice and natural scent. As it has a small bottle and spray type, you can bring it along.

4. Biotin Hair Growth Serum by Pureauty Naturals

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You can stop hair loss and get back your pretty hair back with this advanced hair growth serum. The ingredients of this hair treatment are biotin, vitamin B5, pisum sativump pea sprout extract and more. It won’t take the hard effort to use it. You just need to apply it on your hair after washing and message. The serum will get absorbed and nourished the damaged hair.

5. Hair Growth Serum

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This anti-hair loss serum will work to promote healthy hair and stimulate the hair to grow faster and at the same time stop hair loss. For those who have serious hair loss should start using this serum. It will go deep to the hair root and restore the vitality of your hair. You can mix the serum with your shampoo so that it can increase activeness and effectiveness. It has 30 ml amount.

6. Nourish Beaute Hair Loss Treatment and Growth Serum

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Both men and women can use this hair treatment product. It is a high-quality anti-hair loss serum recommended by doctors. The 50 ml serum contains a lot of active ingredients such as caffeine, keratin, coconut oil, biotin, vitamins with DHT blockers. It will stop hair loss and start repairing the damages so that your hair can grow faster and healthy. You will get the result within 3 months.

7. Therapeutic Aromatherapy Stimulating Scalp Treatment

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It is more than just a hair treatment product that can enrich vitamin and protein in your hair. Actually, it is able to heal aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. If you have scars or stretch marks, you can apply this wonderful serum frequently. You can also use it on your face to cure acnes. For more information, it is produced from pure rosemary essential oil. Hence, the smell will make you relax and relief stress.

8. Nubi Boosting Hair Serum

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Due to the main ingredients of marula oil, vitamin E and aloe vera, this compact hair loss serum can smooth, polish and straighten your hair. In another word, it can boost the hair productivity and prevent hair loss. You can use it on dry hair or wet hair after shampooing. Since it is not greasy, you can spray and use it comfortably. It is also usable for all hair and skin types.

9. Hair Growth Serum. Premium Anti Hair Loss

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Not only hair loss, this premium hair serum can treat problems such as split end, frizzy hair, and dandruff too. This product is organic and uses all natural ingredients that won’t affect your health. For example, this 30 ml bottle is a combination of vitamin E, mineral and many essential oils. They work together to fight against bacteria, moisturize hair, and gives a sexy smell.

10. Hair Growth Serum

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This is the last recommended natural treatment hair loss serum. It is suitable for all hair types whether you have dry or oily scalp, you can use it. It contains rich vitamins and essential oils to promote conditions and give a nice scent. The scent is rather light so it won’t tackle sensitivity. In addition, the abilities of this serum are to improve hair texture, fullness and strengthen the hair root so that you won’t suffer from hair loss and bald anymore.

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