Top 7 Best Glue Guns Reviews in 2018

Glue guns are the best tools ever to use in many projects in everyday life. This type of guns come in various sizes, shapes, and colors that you can choose base on your preference. With some glue sticks, and you will be able to create hundreds of DIY projects. Also, you can put many broken things back together for a longer use. Well, glue guns are simple and convenience to use, but you need to be careful as well. You wouldn’t want to have those hot sticky glue on your hands or your legs at all. Are you ready? So, take a look at these glue guns here and pick your most favorite.

Below is list of top 7 best glue guns reviews in 2018:

1. Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun by CCbetter: 20-watt

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 This glue gun features trigger propulsion device that controls glue flow to help you save more glue sticks. Simply heat up the glue gun in 3 to 5 minutes, it will automatically maintain the temperature for easy use. It has safety and comfortable power switch with LED light mode that lets you know the heating process. The gun has detachable and flexible support to keep the gun stands and stable for easy use. You can use it with metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, and more.

2. Adjustable Power Hot Glue Gun by BSTPOWER: 100-watt

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 Since the gun has temperature up to 220 degree Celsius, you can easily adjust and control the heat easily. This gun comes with the feature of over-heating protection with ceremic PTC thermistor for energy saving and heat insulation. It is also anti-drip with the leak-proof valve and insulated tip that provide a consistent and steady flow. The glue gun is lightweight and easy to squeeze, and you can use it with crafts, home quick repair, etc.

3. Mini Glue Gun by Surebonder: 10-watt

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 I have one of this, the glue gun is simply small and great for small projects or use at home. It takes a few minutes to heat up the gun, and you can work on it easily once it’s hot. This gun has two small stands that keep it stand in one place without needing a stand at all. It is durable, portable, and easy to use which makes great choice to have. If you do simple projects like DIY projects, this little gun is just great for you.

4. Hot Glue Gun by Best: 20-watt

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 This gun comes with a lot of safety features that you trust that it is absolutely safe to have at home. It features smart temperature control, internal safety use to prevent overheating, LED on/off display, and more. Heat it up for 3 minutes, and you will have a fun and enjoyable non-stop projects making with this gun. You can use it with any arts, crafts, card making, decorations, small repairs, and more. It also comes with 25 bonus glue sticks for you as well which is cool.

5. Two-Temp Glue Gun by Adhesive Technologies: 40-watt

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 With two temperature, you can choose between high and low to use in different purposes of your work. The gun has needle nozzle which is carefully made to bring you the precision gluing on small objects. The low temperature is great for wood, metal, and glass, while the high ones is for foam lace and fabric. No matter if your projects are craft, paper arts, home décor, or home repair, this gun is always the one.

6. Dual Temperature Mini Glue Gun by Surebonder: 10-watt

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 If you want a smaller glue gun with the same function of dual temperature, this is the one. With the size of a grown man’s palm, this mini glue gun is easy to use and keep after use. You can change the temperature by flipping the switch on the handle to get to high or low temperature. The high temperature is ideal for hobbies like crafts, arts, or other repairs at home. While the low temperature is great on lace, ribbon, and floral foam. You will also get 12 glue sticks in the set as well.

7. High Temperature Professional Glue Gun by Surebonder: 80-watt

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 For bigger projects, you might need to have bigger glue gun with higher temperature. This professional glue gun features the power of 80 watts which operates temperature up to 380 degree Fahrenheit. It has ergonomic trigger that allows you to use with ease and less effort for longer usage. The removable stand is added to keep the glue gun stand still so that it won’t burn or stick things around. This glue gun makes ideal choice for a variety of uses in both households and projects.

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