Top 5 Best Floating GoPro Selfie Sticks Reviews in 2018

Having the best floating GoPro selfie sticks is like having professional stabilizers for footages and photos. The great thing about floating GoPro selfie sticks is that they allow you to use in 2 different ways with ease. First, you can use them in daily selfies and video recordings as you go to places. But more than that, they will also accompany you when you go on wet trips like in the lake or sea as well. The name says it all, floating GoPro selfie sticks float on water which mean they are always visible. Even if you accidentally let go of the stick, they won’t sink in the water with your cameras at all. We have 5 best of them in our list, feel free to check them out.

1. Floating Hand Grip Handler by GoPro

This is the GoPro selfie stick that is designed to float any GoPro camera you use. It helps increasing stability of shooting photos and videos as you are in the water with ease. This selfie stick simply stays afloat which you will always see your camera in your sight. The grip of the handler is soft and comfortable as well as non-slip which makes filming even easier. This floating hand grip is ideal for any water sports, and you can also use it anywhere else you go as well.

2. Floating Selfie Stick for GoPro by CamKix

Comes with longer length, this selfie stick allows for shooting with farther distance for you. The whole thing is made from sturdy materials that are sturdy enough to withstand extreme activities. The best part is you can adjust and extend the pole from 6.7 inches to 15.7 inches as well. In case you drop it in the water, this selfie stick floats. With its bright color, you will be able to spot it easily and quickly. It even has small compartment on the bottom that you can store small items as well. It works awesomely great, and it has 2 colors for you to choose among yellow and orange.

3. GoPro Handheld Underwater Selfie Stick by Mystery

Here we have a pocket size selfie stick that you can bring along with no matter where you go easily. It is also lightweight and compact while allows for easy camera mount without any complicated process. When plunged or submerged in the water, the selfie stick will float with your camera. It is compatible with almost anything from GoPro cameras to other waterproof sports cameras. This selfie stick is ideal for water sports, and its price is super affordable and inexpensive.

4. Waterproof Floating Selfie Stick by MiPremium

Accompanied with a double mount, this floating selfie stick allows you to attach or mount 2 different GoPro cameras at once. That makes it easy for you to capture videos from 2 directions conveniently. The handle of this selfie stick features the texture non-slip design that makes it comfortable for you to hold. It even has a multipurpose hollow compartment for small storage as well. It floats in the water, and it comes with 2 bright colors for you to select between green and yellow. Either of them is easy to spot, the choice is all yours.

5. 3-in-1 Waterproof Monopod Selfie Stick by FloatPro

The unique thing about this selfie stick is it comes with a detachable floating strap that will float in the water. In case you want a selfie stick with the look of usual ones with floating function, this shall be the one. And of course, it is waterproof and rust free which is ideal for water activities. This selfie stick is compatible with GoPro cameras, smartphones, digital cameras, and more. It is lightweight and durable, and you can extend it from 11 inches to 36 inches with a simple twist and lock. It is stylish to use for both land and water, and you will surely love it.

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