Top 12 Best Flip Flops For Women Reviews in 2018

Nothing is more comfortable than wearing the coolest and best flip flops in summer. Flip flops are the easy and comfy choice when it comes to the beach and summer. Actually, best flip flops are like the best shoes choice for the beach because it is easy to wear and take off. They are great for summer since you can avoid the stuffy and uncomfortable feeling on your feet as you walk. Everyone should have a pair of high quality best flip flops at home, they may come in handy. Below is the list of best flip flops that you can take into consideration for this summer.

1. Kadee II Flip Flops by Crocs

The best flip flops are simple yet comfortable to wear, and they fit great to your feet. It has many colors that you can choose, and it is so durable you can use for years.

2. Olowahu Flip Flops by Teva

If you want something more stylish, then this is the best flip flops for you. It has extra straps design that make the shoes look even cooler to wear. The shoes are soft yet durable to wear, and they come with many color choices that you can select.

3. Women’s Cabo Flip Flops by Roxy

And here is the simple yet classic stylish flip flops that look great with any beach outfits. The brown synthetic sole is comfortable and fashionable to wear, and you can choose the color of straps. There are 4 different options including white, black, pink, and silver.

4. Mush II Flop Flops by Teva

In case you think small straps are not secure enough, you can for thong sandals like this one. This pair of shoes has the design that ensure you both quality and comfort. You can also choose among the variety of colors available base on your preference as well.

5. Womens’s Slim Flip Flops by Havaianas

When it comes to flip flops, Havaianas is one among the best choices that you should consider. These flip flops are simple yet stylish to wear. Plus, it is the famous brand that everyone knows, so you really should have them.

6. Women’s Flip Flops With Glitter Straps by Dona Michi

This is by far the coolest flip flops ever for the beach. The classic black with glitter strap makes this pair of flip flop stand out for sure. There are also other colors, but black seems to be the coolest.

7. Women’s Fiesta Flip Flops by Flojos

With padded footbed, you can walk comfortably in these flip flops wherever you go. They are soft and comfy to wear as well as durable for long term use. The flops have 8 color choices that you can select, check them out!


8. Women’s Bermuda Flip Flops by Roxy

This pair of flip flops has slim yet durable design that you wear wherever you go. It is great for the beach, casual day, and more. The flip flops from Roxy are simply cool to wear, you can trust the brand because people love them.

9. Women’s Stargazer Prints Flip Flops by Reef

Here is another flip flops choice with glitter straps for you. The cool thing about these flip flops is the have clean and detail design that look nice and stylish. Every pair of the flip flop is awesome in their own way and color, you might to have them. I really suggest these flip flops for summer.

10. Unisex Flip Flops by 4HOW

A pair of flip flops to fit them all, both men and women can get these flip flops for summer. They are waterproof and comfortable to wear no matter where you go. With high quality, you can trust that these flip flops will be your feet’s best companion this summer.

11. Women’s Ginger Flip Flops by Reef

And this is another awesome pair of flip flops by Reef that you might want to take a look at. They are made from high quality materials that ensure you the durability and comfort as you walk. These flip flops are soft and stylish which is exactly the right shoes to have.

12. Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop by Sanuk

How about a pair of yoga sling that you can rock with long dress at the beach? Oh trust me this shoes design will bring you the vintage look once you pair them with dress. Since the color of the sling is black, any beach dress will match stylishly as you wear them. You won’t regret this choice.

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