Top 12 Best First Aid Kits Reviews in 2018

When it comes to safety or treatment, best quality first aid kits supplies are what you need. Well, you see accidents and incidents are unforeseen which is why you have to always be careful. However, in case you trip or fall, you need to your wound, and that is when you need first aid kits. There are many different types of first aid kits for different places like home, travel, or school. In case you are looking for some first aid kits, this review is here to guide you. Take a look at some best quality first aid kits below, and select the most suitable ones.

Below is list Top 12 Best First Aid Kits Reviews in 2018:

1. All Purpose First Aid Kit by The Body Source: 90 Items

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With 90 essential items, this premium first aid kit can help you a lot both at home or during traveling. The kit also includes extra strong metal medical scissors, 2 instant cold packs, and a large foil emergency blanket. The bag that holds the items is lightweight yet durable which does not break easily, and lasts for years. There are many compartments inside the bag along with additional space that you can add more supplies as well. Helpful and easy, simply nice to have.

2. All Purpose First Aid Kit by First Aid Only: 299 Items

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There are 299 physician recommended supplies that you can use for emergency in this kit. The bag is the full fledge and easy-to-tote first aid soft back for easy storage and bring along with. The kit includes medicine, antiseptics, bandages, injury treatments, and more items necessary for you. You can use the kit fr car, boat, home, or backpack as it is lightweight and fits easily in most places.

3. First Aid Kit by Total Resources International: 326 Items

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326 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment in this kit is simply enough to exceed 100 people. Everything is stored inside a rugged, sturdy, and high density plastic case that shield the kits from impact. The compartments has fully organized interior for quick access and refilling. The kits is perfect for most business as well as family use at home.

4. First Aid Kit by Thrive: 291 Items

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What you will get in this kit are 275 useful items along with valuable hospital grade medical supplies. The kits are stored with durable rip-stop nylon and vinyl fabric for durability and easy use. You can use the items inside for emergency and survival situations no matter where you are. This kit is ideal for car, camping, hiking, travel, sports, pets, and more.

5. First Aid Kit by Be Smart Get Prepared: 250 Items

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This kit here includes 250 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products that you can use. The kit meets the guidelines for 50 people which is ideal for most businesses and family use. The container is durable, stable, and rugged which protect everything inside safely and perfectly.

6. 2-in-1 First Aid Kit by Swiss Safe: 120 Items + Bonuses

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If you don’t want big scale first aid kit, this mini kit here is just right for you. There are 120 medical grade items that comes in a compact, flexible, and durable bag. There are also 32 bonuses in a small pouch that includes bandages, sting relief pads, gauze, CPR kits, and more. You can fit those mini kits inside your handbag, pocket, or backpack easily.

7. Fully Stocked Trauma First Aid Kit by Dixie EMS: 85 Items

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The kits come in a bag that has central section with an adjustable and removable Velcro divider. There are 2 two zippered side pockets that you can store bulky items, or add more items. The bag compact and lightweight which is easy to use and storage wherever you go.

8. First Aid Kit Medical Bag by Oumers: 48 Items

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It is also good to have a first aid kit set at home, and this small here is just the right choice. There are several different products that can handle trauma situations for you in the kit. Everything comes inside a durable, lightweight, and practical bag that you can store anywhere. This kit is also perfect for road trips, travel, adventure, workplace, school, and other places as well.

9. Fully Stocked First Aid Kit by Elite First Aid: 320 Items

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The great thing about this kit is that it comes in a nice and durable bag that you can carry anywhere. This kit makes perfect choice for traveling and adventures that you venture. There are 320 items in the kit that are necessary for treatments in both basic and emergency. You can carry the kit either by the carrying handle or backpack straps which is absolutely convenient.

10. Small First Aid Kit by Surviveware: 100 Items

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Everyone loves it, and this kit is simply the best one by far. The kit is compact, lightweight, and portable which is perfect for road trips, hiking, backpacking, camping, traveling, and more. There are 100 essential basic lifesaving items that store inside the durable and strong bag. The bag is also water resistant which is simply perfect to bring along with on your adventures.

11. First Aid Kit by MediSpor: 100 Items

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If you want smaller, this kit should be the smallest one in the list. Here is the most comprehensive first aid kit you will ever have. There are unique items that you can use for treating your injuries wherever you are. It might be small, but you will get scissors, CPR mask, safety pins, and a whole bunch of more. The bag is compact, portable, and tough which is simply the choice to choose.

12. Small First Aid Kit by Always Prepared: 100 Items

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Here is the first aid kit that comes with more unique and upgraded items that helps better. You will get big and strong metal scissors and tweezers, along with a more accurate compass. The whole kits are stored inside a durable, lightweight, and compact case for easy portability and storage.

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