Top 12 Best Fashion Wigs Reviews in 2018

Who’s up for some best quality and stylish wigs? If you do cosplay, or look for some wigs to change the look of your natural hair, take a look. When it comes to wigs, we talk about the different length and colors of the hair that you like. Wigs come in many designs that people of any age can choose to match their styles and personality. You might like shorter or longer ones, and they are all available for you. Not to mention the coolness of color like ombre, dark, or light wigs that you will see. So, here are top 12 best fashion wigs that you might want to have.

1. Dark Brown Curly Wig by MelodySusie

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Made of high quality lustrous synthetic fiber, this curly wig is designed to last for long term use. It has natural look and touch that makes the wig look nice and real on you. The size of the wig is also adjustable with the 2 adjustment straps inside the wig. It is easy to use, and simply stylish to wear.

2. Long Wavy Wig by Outop

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The special thing about this wig is that it is heat resistant which you can do any hairstyle easily. The wig is made of high quality synthetic fiber that resists to heat so that you can turn it to any style. It has the adjustable net-cap that fits most head size, and it makes great choice for any using purposes.

3. Bob Wig with Bangs by eNilecor

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If you prefer shorter wig, this bob wig is the right choice for you. It also comes with bangs that turn you into a doll the moment you put the wig on. This wig is made of high quality materials that bring natural color and nice texture that looks just like real hair. It is breathable and comfortable to use.

4. Purple Long Wig by Rbenxia

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Purple wig brings stylish look and compliment especially on cosplay events. This purple wig here is made from high quality synthetic and high temperature resistance fiber for extra durability. You can use it for costume, fashion, or daily use since it looks natural and comfortable to use.

5. Red Wavy Wig by EmaxDesign

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As it is made of high quality and heat resistant materials, you can heat this hair and do any style easily. You can even wash it by using mild shampoo in cold water, and the wig still looks shiny and natural. The size is adjustable, and you can wear this wig to any events or in daily use.

6. Stylish Curly Blond Wig by Besgo Cosplay

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This wig here is simple the stylish and simple choice to have for any parties or cosplay. It comes with the hook inside that you can easily adjust for comfort fit. This wig is easy to take care of as well since you can wash it with shampoo in warm water.

7. Wavy Ombre Lolita Cosplay Wig by MapofBeauty

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Ombre hair is the most beautiful color that looks good on most people, and look at this wig right here. The blending color of light blue, light purple, and light pink brings the sweetest and stylish look. It is made of 100% high temperature fiber that is absolutely durable and great to use in any events.

8. Ombre Gray Straight Wig by K’ryssma

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And here is another ombre wig with the blending color of black and gray. This wig resists up to 160 degrees centigrade that allows you to style up easily. It is also easy to use, and it has adjustable straps that you can easily customize for comfort fit.

9. Ombre Harajaku Style Wig by TLTSHOPS

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Another different ombre wig is here for you with the 2 tones blending of pink and purple color. The front hair of the wig is long and covers half part of the face. It is made of high quality fiber which is simply durable and last for long term use. The wig delivers soft touch and looks so natural that you can wear to attend any occasions and for daily use.

10. Ombre Curly Wig by MQ

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You have seen light color ombre wigs earlier, but this one is the combination of dark orange, red, and yellow. This wig is also heat resistant which you can perm or dye with heat under 180 degree centigrade. It is soft and breathable which is absolutely comfortable and natural to wear.

11. Deep Blue Ombre Bob Wig by Suuny Queen

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Isn’t this wig beautiful? It does not only look incredible but also durable for long term use as well. Made of high quality heat resistant fiber makes this wig lasts for years for you to use. It looks natural, and it feels good on head with its function of breathable. Simply the cutest wig to have.

12. Purple Pelucas Curly Wig by OhYes

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Here is another Harajaku wig style that brings the cutest and attention of the whole room on you. The color of the wig is purple, and you can do many different hairstyles with this wig. It looks great, and it is also soft to wear as well no matter how many hours you put it on.

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