Top 9 Best Fake Tattoos Sleeves Reviews in 2018

It is simply cool to wear best quality fake tattoos sleeves during workout or outdoor activities. These sleeves keep your arm protected from the heat or UV while makes you look dope at the same time. Also, most of these sleeves look and blend perfectly to your skin which make your arms have sleeves tattoos with style. There are many tattoos styles and colors that you can choose for the sleeves. I include some sleeves with the designs that I think look cool on men which you can view below. Check them out and see if you might want some of them.

Below is list Top 9 Best Fake Tattoos Sleeves Reviews in 2018:

1. Temporary Tattoo Sleeves from Hmxpls

These sleeves come in a set of 6 in different designs that you can switch each day or share with your friends. They have the unisex design that both men and women can wear as temporary sleeve tattoo with ease. Each sleeve tattoo looks so realistic, and it is seamless which you can wear stylishly. The sleeves are also stretchable and fits most arms. The tattoo on the sleeves are of tiger, crown heart, skull, and tribal shapes.

2. Skull Designs Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

For women who are looking for some old school and dope tattoo sleeves, they are here for you. These stretchable sleeves are made of high quality fabric with seamless design which works great with most skin tones. The skull designs are vary in each sleeves which you can change every day or at different occasions. They are easy to wash, and comfortable to wear since they are too tight to your arms.

3. Sports Compression Arm Sleeve

This sleeve is for sports player out there to wear in order to protect their skin from the heat. The sleeve is made of no-slip silicone which stays in place while you move without slipping. It features moisture wicking material that keeps your arm dry no matter how long you spend running around the field. This sleeve is ideal for athletes in baseball, basketball, football, tennis, running, and more. It comes in many colors and different designs that you can choose to match your uniform and style.

4. Compression Arm Sleeve for Sports from Nexxgen

For those with muscles, this sleeve comes with size from S to XL that you can choose for your arm. This sleeve is designed to protect your arm from burn or scratches from sports. The sleeve is made of sweat-wicking and breathable compress that keeps you dry and comfortable. You can stay fresh and loose while performance greatly in the game you play. This sleeve is perfect for any sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and more. It has 40 designs, I know one of them will be yours.

5. Temporary Fake Tattoos Sleeves from Kare Kind

This set contains 10 pieces of arm tattoo sleeves that fit both your arm and legs comfortably. The sleeves are easy to slip on and off with its stretchable design. The look of each sleeve is stylish and realistic with the seamless construction. You can wear these sleeves for everyday use, parties, especially Halloween.

6. Temporary Tattoo Arm Cover Up Sleeves from Efivs

If you like Asian gangsters’ tattoos like full sleeve Koi fish, this set is right for you. The sleeves feature different design of koi fish, skull, and dragon tribal that make you look badass with them on. The sleeves are seamless which look so real with most skin tones. They are easy to wash and comfortable to wear with the soft and breathable feel that the sleeves give. You can use these sleeves for outdoor activities, sports, hangout, performance, and more.

7. Temporary Tattoo Arm Sunscreen Sleeves

There are 6 cool different designs on each sleeve in this set that turn you into badass. The popular tattoos like tribal, skull with roses, tigers, sun, and moons are included in these sleeves for you. They are comfortable to wear, and easy to put on since the sleeves are stretchy yet does not slip easily. These sleeves look great and cool on arm which make great choice to choose.

8. Temporary Slip On Tattoo Arm Sleeves from Outop

Why go get tattoos when these sleeves blend real great on your arms, and you can wear comfortably all day? Well, you can go get real sleeves tattoos if you ready. But these sleeves are so dope they make great temporary tattoos before you decide to go for real ones. Each sleeve comes with cool design, and look perfectly realistic on most arms. They stretch nicely, and you can wear them on both arms and legs. These sleeves come in a set of 6 for you.

9. Elastic Slip Tattoo Sleeves from Zhenhui

And these are the outdoor sleeves that brings real sleeve tattoo look on your arm. The sleeves are breathable, and fit nicely on your arm with its stretchable design and materials. They are easy to slip and slip off which is easy to wear and comfortable on arms all day long. These sleeves are machine washable which you can easily take care of. They come with great design and pattern of tiger, skull, and more.

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