Top 10 Best Extension Cord Reel Review in 2019

Though, in modern era, wireless system has made it prevalent for our daily convenience, we still need the physical wire rolling across our house sometimes from one place to another to temporarily operate our devices when wall sockets are not nearby. Imagine you have to use electric kettle, charge your phone, and toast your bread; your kitchen might not have enough sockets for all the tasks at once. So having extension cords reel can allow you multitask all at once and save time. That is why we all need the presence of this electric gadget at home.

Extension cord reel functions as the substitution wall circuit source and readjusts electric capacity, reaches to devices far from wall sockets, and provides extra functions that wall sockets cannot. For this New Year sale, feel free to get more ideas about tremendous benefits that the following top 10 extension cord reels can provide you for more convenience at your household.

1. Woods 2801 Extension Cord Reel With Four 3-Prong Power Outlets

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You may find this a cheap property but a must have item at home. The cord comes with four 3-prong power outlets; thus, you can use four electric machines at the same time. This extension cord reel is very light and user-friendly in a way that you can carry it through the handle on top and place it or hang it anywhere around the house indoor. If you let in electricity, you can see the signal light telling you there is circuit so you may not need to worry if you, from afar, your cord reel is plugged into power source or not. Within 7.6 meter, from power sockets, you can work on your chores or turn on electric machines freely with this extension cord. Meanwhile, with the structured reel, you do not need to care about tangling the cable back in because you can simply wind it back in after use. Easy use, easy life.

2. CopperPeak 30 ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

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Let us say you just got to build your new garage within you territory, and you need some electric source to run your workroom garage besides electric lamp or fans, but you just do not want to spend more money on structuring another electric power source in there making multiple more wall sockets. Then all you need now is just a light-weight costless extension cord reel which can be mounted on the ceiling or wall with two-direction winding cables. This good-looking red and black extension cord will minimize your trouble breaking power source in your newly built work shop, plus turning your task with electricity safer and cheaper at once. Do trust any electric products that come with careful design on proper cover on plastic over wire and gives easy placement without harm from dangerous circuit issues. One best this about this retractable extension cord reel is that, with mounting feature, you can attach with wall or ceiling up high to avoid water accidentally let in that causes major electric circuit or damage of plugged devices.

3. Extension Cord Reel 50 ft - Retractable Heavy Duty Tri-Tap 3-Outlet

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Here comes another awesome work shop solution for electric extension. Known for heavy duty electric mechanism, this extension cord reel offers up to 50ft (15.12m) cable length with durable mounting ability best for attachment; for example, small work shop, garage, or boathouse. On top of this huge advantage, this ECR 50ft also provides you with various features as for oil, Alkalies, Ozone, and Acid resistance so it can be used for a long time without major physical damage of the cord, and risk-free. Furthermore, you can muster your mechanic work smoothly because the cord has the strong three grounded outlets with break and reset button to secure the project you are working on. They sacrifice you the quality for the most efficient work you can achieve to satisfy your ideal electric chores, or in any professional field. Best gift for garage work, effective way to get the job done.

4. ReelWorks Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel With Swivel Bracket

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Now if you choose other alternative for your extension cord reel, you may find the ReelWorks product for this all-time heavy duty cord reel with swivel bracket. Wonder what does all the features benefit you? This most compact polypropylene-covered cord reel issues at 13AMP rating and provides fast and efficient electric power work with safety. It also eases you at your work shop with quality and durability. When setting it up on the wall or ceiling, you have your hand out of tangling the reel, or having issues winding it up. There is a stop and winding function for you on the reel and you can stop the cable the length you want or pull it all out as need. With minimum accessible weight to be mounted up, you will find it easy to settle everything in one go by just finding correct spot and screw it through multiple holes; ready to stay put and swivel 135 degree. Know your choice for cord reel, pick it from ReelWorks.

5. TACKLIFE Cord Reel (50+4.5ft Retractable Extension Cord)

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If you are still on the fence to pick the best extension cord reel that can be mounted, here is another one with similar function. This extension cord provides your easiness at your house garage; in addition, top up its ability to lengthen the cable from the ceiling or the wall away from the work area. It provides you circuit breaker that can automatically disconnect the electricity current once the work reaches high tension; though, not causing harmful explosion or damage. Once the cord is installed on the wall or ceiling, it will allow flexible rotation within 180 degree following the cable movement. Beneficially, with the purchase, the whole package will come with the cord reel itself, extra nails, and a one year warranty card.

6. 50 Ft Extension Cord Reel with 4 Electrical Power Outlets

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This extension reel is made by Iron Forge Cable, a brand that makes reasonable priced and best-selling electric gadget for household or industrial use. This is the different offer for the top best extension cord that is designed out for heavier electric work. This cord can endure 4 workings at the time with its four outlets. There is also the breaker switched installed for safety purposes and the switch that allows you to turn on or off for operation. Interestingly with the switch, you need not worry about it being plugged at the power socket for long because the electricity can only get into the cord once the switched is on. The reel does not have the stopper but you can roll the cable over like wheel with the handle attached from the reel.

7. Aceland 16/3 25ft Retractable Metal Cord Reel with 3 Grounded Outlets

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Now you are in good hand with another review to see. This retractable metal cord reel provides you hardware able to install at work or home. It comes with mounting bracket that can hold still from wall or ceiling. It is one of the best mounting cord reels for its light weight and small capacity of cable length at 25ft. You may need it to install for electric use at your room or safely at small sawing home business. Do not worry if minimal dirt or sprinkle can get in the internal wire because the reel is covered by shiny steel, so it remains clean and unbothered. This is the new look that you want to have at home for some professional cord agent up for your project. Feel free to get an extra advantage of 1 year warranty and inspect the product at its finest as you will love to work with it.

8. Wall Mounted Extension Cord Winder Organizer with 2 Fixed and 1 Swivel Wall Mount Brackets

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You may think this cord may not perform very well by how it looks, but it labels the best electric work partner in recent purchase experience for electric cords so far. This is an absolute caretaker for you and your home chore. This cord is evolved a bit away from being called a reel but it is still a cord reel that you can wind the cable in and out, especially with 3 different mounts, 2 fixed and 1 swivel mount brackets. If you still have any traditional and much year-old cord at home, it is time to trade a few bucks for this best offer with best reviews. Needless to say, this cord is very organized with its cable winder design and provides three mounts that allows alternative use of cord, and the cord can be removed or attached to the wall quickly and easily. Shipping information is there, price quote is there, just grab your card ready and hit ‘Buy Now’.

9. REELCRAFT 45 Ft. Power Cord Reel, GFCI Triple Outlet

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Another cord reel is made by REELCRAFT and by appearance you can know how durable it must be to deserve heavy duty. This is the best equipment to be placed in busy industries or big work shop because it can generate strength and endure heavy tension of 125 volts and current of 20AMP. The reel is made with strong steel and everlasting spring. Physical strength is best to protect the moving of circuit so with GFCI outlet, it can last long and help protects more in adjusting level of high voltage just like our computer adapter does. Now you can proudly choose one within the best available choice among the power cord design. It is an applicable hardware for your heavy electric operation and can stay with you for a long time due to its unique materials.

10. Coxreels PC10-3012-X Compact efficient heavy duty power cord reel with no accessory

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Last but not least is the reel that everyone can have at home, regardless of how many prongs their home socket have. With this ‘no accessory’ compact cord reel, you can readjust the power outlet but attaching the kind of outlets you prefer. For example, you are from different country using different power outlet available online, so you can purchase this cord reel and extra power outlet to install by yourself for more convenient use. Commonly in American, people would have 3-prong outlet, but with this cord reel, you can either have the 2 prongs, or three others. Moreover, it comes with very compact size easy to carry around and without taking too much space. Consider now and pick up this as your heavy duty partner if you are willing to install the female plug by yourself to suit your home equipment’s’ plugs.

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