Top 7 Best Electronic Cash Registers Reviews in 2018

Having the best electronic cash registers makes money calculation easier and faster for cashiers. Usually, electronic cash registers are used in places like marts, mall, salon, and other places with great standard. Choosing the right electronic cash registers can be tricky if you have less experience in it. This review is here to bring you 7 best quality electronic cash registers that you can trust. The detail in using as well as how to use the equipment will be right under each cash register. They are unique in their own way to meet the need of different uses, a few will match with what you look for.

1. Electronic Cash Register by Casio

This cash register comes with great functions along with other special features that make money calculation easy for you. There are 8 clerks with sign-on codes and reporting along with other 8 physical department keys with 3 shifts. It works fast when it comes to printing customer receipts. Also, the built-in rear customer display is large which is easy to read for both the cashier and the customer. This electronic cash register is compact and lightweight, and it is ideal for small business.

2. Menu Based Control System Cash Register by Sharp

With the menu based system, this cash register is very easy to use and program. It features 99 departments along with 25 clerk numbers and 2500 price look-ups. With such functions, you will be able to separate product types and price with ease. There are 2 displays including one for the cashier and another one for the customer for easy viewing. The advanced design allows you to add graphic logos and text to the receipts as well. And this cash register prints fast receipts quietly which is super awesome to use. Inside, there are 5 coin compartments and 4 bill compartments. Stylish and up-to-date, this electronic cash register is highly recommended for you.

3. Electronic Cash Register With Flat Keyboard by SAM4s

If you are looking for the best cash register for convenient store, liquor shop, food shop, or retails, this is the one. This electronic cash register is very easy to program, and it has just the right buttons for convenient use. Also, it has up to 5 levels of price that you can set on the products that you sell. With flat keyboard, you might find it way easier to use with such unique design. The great part is the on screen programming that simplifies setup which makes it easy for you to manage after installation. It works great and fast, and it is ideal for food and beverage business.

4. Alpha Cash Register by Royal

Here we have a compact and durable cash register that is ideal for small business operation. It is easy to operate, and it has 200 departments along with 5000 price look-ups along with an electronic journal. There are 4 bill departments along with removable 5 coin trays in the cash drawer. The display comes with LCD and backlight for clear number which is easy for you to read. This cash register is easy to set up and program, and its quality lasts for years.

5. Electronic Cash Register by Casio

When it comes to functionality and advanced technology, no cash registers can beat this one. It comes with everything perfect for daily use in any types of business, and it is absolutely incredible. The displays of this cash register provide maximum efficiency and viewability with LCD display for both the cashier and customer. You can set up and program the cash register with your pc, and you can easily save the data with SD cards. The thermal printer works fast and quiet, and you can create and choose logo on the receipts as well. There are 7 position mode key locks, and it is ideal for a great variety of businesses everywhere.

6. Touchscreen Cash Register by Royal Consumer

With touchscreen, this cash register is simply easier and more modern to use. The screen of the cash register features 12 backlit touch panel color LCD control for easy view. It is also easy to program, and you can even program up to 4 tax rates with its automatic tax computation. This cash register has multiple price levels for each PLU that allows you to add discount price, and other price easily. It works great, and it is stylish enough to have in coffee shops and restaurants.

7. Electronic Cash Register by Casio

This is another cash register from Casio, and it comes with more functions for larger business. With 8 clerk totals, this cash register allows you to track sales up to 8 different operators. There are 5 department keys which makes it quick and easy for item transaction entries and categorizing sales. For the thermal printer, you can use it as either a customer receipt printer or a journal printer with ease. The multipurpose tray allows you to store cash in any way you like, while the whole thing is simply easy to use.

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