Top 10 Best Electric Heated Blankets in 2018 Reviews

During the cold weather, it is hard to sleep soundly and peacefully because you might suffer from harsh temperature drop. For some people who have difficulties in sleeping may be interesting in a unique solution leading to better and comfortable sleep. It is none other than an electric heated blanket. The best heated sheets are perfect to reduce freezing temperature and relieve muscle soreness and body pains. The warm blankets are suitable for outdoor use too especially for camping and in a car. You can bring it everywhere to have a sweet night rest.

Buying guideline:

So to buy a good product, you have to consider a few things about it beforehand. The first point is about the materials of the blanket whether it can provide comfy and longevity. Then the next thing to think of is functions of the product if it allows a wide range of temperature adjustment or timer settings to save energy. Last but not least, it is about the size. You may buy to use alone or share the happiness with others.

These are the top 10 best electric heated blankets in 2018 reviews that you can trust.

1. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw

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A comfortable and functional electric heated blanket, you will find it comfortable and convenient to wrap around your body. The product has a corded remote control which consisting only one button and three modes. For instance, you can choose the low, medium or high-temperature rate to warm up the blanket.  The throw blanket is polyester micro-plush fabric giving soft and fluffy texture.

2. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

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For this electric heated blanket, you can choose sizes from twin to king. Made of ultra-soft microfleece, the coverage is comfortable and washable in a machine. It is not hard to take care of it. Moreover, this electric blanket works with low voltage technology that is safe and won’t cost much. It enables you to set about ten heat settings and will turn off automatically after 10 hours.

3. Serta | Reversible Sherpa / Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket

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With the size of 50 inches by 60 inches, this electric throw blanket is a perfect use for couch, chair or bed. It uses a high-grade material of polyester brushed micro-plush that offers excellent softness and cozy feeling. It has a long power cord which is 8.5 feet, so it is easy for you to reach the nearby power source. Plus, it has a built-in automatic shut off timer after four hours to save power for you.

4. Electric Car Blanket- by Stalwart-BLUE

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This product has a unique power cord which compatible with car plugs so that you can prepare it in your vehicle for a long ride. This electric heated blanket has dimensions of 59 inches by 43 inches which will provide full coverage on you. However, because it is a car blanket, the power cord is only 96 inches long. The material of this blanket is washable polyester that is comfortable against your skin.

5. Biddeford Electric Heated Comfort Knit Throw

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You may prefer this lovely zebra knit throw which has a longer power cord of 13 feet. Therefore, it is not a problem to find an electrical plug. Besides, it allows you to choose one setting among a broader temperature range. For instance, there are ten head settings so you will find the right and comfort temperature. The heated blanket is washable in a machine as it is polyester.

6. Pure Warmth Comfort Knit Queen Heated Electric Blanket

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Designed for two people, this queen electric heated blanket has dual controllers so anyone can control with ease. Similar to other best products, it also uses polyester fleece for ultimate comfort. You and your partner will have a cozy wrap through the night. Also, it has an automatic shut off feature that works only 10 hours. So it is a problem even you forgot to switch off.

7. Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket

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You will have two controllers attached with this large king size electric blanket. Each controller has a small LCD showing you temperature and timer settings. The brown quilt is made of seven layers of quilted micro flannel comfort to ensure the most comfortable and cozy feelings. Moreover, thanks to the material, you can clean the blanket in a washing machine and dry too.

8. Comfort Spaces Electric Heated Throw Blanket

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Let’s check out this best electric heated blanket which comes with single remote control. It is for a person use as it is 50 inches by 64 inches. The blanket has three heat options which you can select easily on a button. There is a power on and off switch with indicator lights telling you if the device is working. Furthermore, it also has auto off function for energy sufficient.

9. Beautyrest - Soft Sherpa Heated Blanket Wrap

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You can wrap this light and a soft blanket on conveniently. It has a grey plaid pattern and made from high-grade polyester fabric. This blanket is safe to wash in a machine. So you can take care of it effortlessly. The product has three heat settings and auto shut off timer of 2 hours. All of these functions, you can adjust and select on a compact corded controller. Let’s stay cozy in the winter.

10. Beautyrest - Heated Fleece Blanket and Throw Combo Set

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Purchasing this product, you will receive two pieces which one is blanket, and another is throw. For instance, the electric heated blanket has a twin size with five heat settings, and you can set it up on your bed. On the other hands, the electric throw has three temperature options and smaller size and perfect for portable use. Both of them are soft and washable in machines.

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