Top 10 Best DSLR Sliders Reviews in 2018

Whether for professional uses or just decent purpose, Camera Sliders are the best companion to those who like shooting short films, movies, etc. The main feature of the DSLR Sliders is provide you the balance, stabilize your movement and avoid the vibrations while shooting. You can make your video quality as best as the pro one efficiently. In 2018, there are numerous of brands for you to find out before decided to get one for your own.

If you are seeking for the most compatible sliders for your DSLR, in the link below you can find the details and the features of the products that qualified to be in the top 10 best DSLR Sliders Reviews in 2018.

1. Zecti Portable Carbon Fiber Camera Slider Dolly Track

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Zecti Camera Slider weight only 0.6kg but it can load 5kg for camera equipments. This is suitable to use for video shooting, film, ceremony, wedding, news, etc. The combination of Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Alloy make this slider more solid and durable. You can enjoy good stability, smooth and quiet movement thanks to four precision bearing and fiber rail system. The adjustable feet have anti-slide rubber.  It can be used for horizontal and vertical shots and different angle filming.    

2. Neewer 23.6 inches/60 centimeters Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider

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Neewer Camera Track Dolly Slider is recommendable because of its durability and there are a lot of other qualities that make this a great slider. It has upgraded ball bearings which help to ensure minimum abrasion on the tubes made of high-grade carbon fiber as well as smooth motion. There are many different threaded holes on different sides of the slider to guarantee you can shoot from a range of different angles. Shoot vertically, horizontally, or even at 45-degree angles. It also has round rubber pad to avoid scratches to you camera’s button.

3. IMORDEN 32"/80cm Carbon Fiber Video Stabilization Camera Slider

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This come up with complete carrying bag. The IMORDEN is constructed by aluminum. With superior light-weight and high-strength property of carbon fiber makes this slider more portable and stable. The slider is smooth and lack of the shaky and bump thanks to the Six sealed bearings on aluminum rollers glide which is provide stable and silent movement. It can be used with any digital camera, movie camera, or video camera as well as other equipment for photography. The legs are designed to rotate flexibly to a proper position that allow you camera leveling on surfaces.

4. Neewer 24 inches/60 centimeters Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider Video

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The Neewer Camera Track Slider has a lot of features that make this a great slider. The ball bearing is upgraded and you can adjust it to customize the dolly slider for your exact needs. The ultra-compact dolly slider adds dynamic horizontal, vertical and diagonal movement to your videos. You can enjoy quietness and stability whenever you are shooting for dramatic videos cinematography or slow motion moving photo captures. The legs are adjustable and can raise the slider up to 2 inches of the ground which is portable and easier.

5. StudioFX 40" Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer

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Not so different from StudioFX 49”, This StudioFX 40” comes with comes with 3/8 to 1/4th adapter for tripods and carrying case which is easy to transport. It is the lightest DSLR Camera Slider in this list. If you're looking at a straight and smooth track with a platform on a ball-bearing to help smoothly glide a camera across the rail, this is the best choice for you facilitate your videos.

6. Konova Camera Slider Dolly K2 60cm

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Believe it or not, Konova slider support heavy duty camera equipments up to 18kg. This is insane and suitable for videographer that seeking for the smoothness and stability footages. Being able to mount the horizontal and vertical with a ball video mount on a heavy duty tripod. With 3 roller bearings, it makes this slider more balance and it also comes up with two chrome coated shafts in the rail for rust protection. It is perfect for those in the film industry.

7. StudioFX 48" Ball Bearing Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video

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There are many reasons some people call this the best camera slider. The StudioFX 48” can mobile different equipment such as video camera, movie camera and advance camera. Its length is 48” and can hold up around 7kg, which can suit variety of DSLRs. A carry bag is provided for a better protection of the hardware. The body is black but legs are blue, with the mixture this is one of the coolest slider that you could considered.

8. pangshi Camera Slider Dolly Track Glider System with Roller Bearing for DSLR Video Camera

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This Pangshi 24" made of aluminum steel that could carry up to 6kg. It is small but more compact options to bring on shoots. It utilizes 4 adjustable roller bearing. This ensure smooth and quiet movement. It also has convenient tripod mount with underneath head-screw or can be used on any surface thanks to adjustable legs and can be used in both vertically or horizontally. It also has a bubble level that is easy for adjustment.

9. GVM Motorized DSLR Camera Track Dolly slider Video

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Have you been thinking of a camera slider that could come up with many features for variety use? With 120 degrees panoramic shooting and time lapse tracking, you can subtitle each minute using this GVM camera slider. It equipped with newly developed silent motor and light carbon fiber which is the perfect combination that suitable for the interview or post production. The adjustable foot configuration guarantees the Dolby Track can work on the horizontality.

10. Koolertron Aluminum Alloy Video Track Slider

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This model coming up with 4 different colors for you to choose. Within minutes of installation, Kooletron is easy to carry for your long day shooting. This camera slider could hold up 4kg but it is very lightweight. This slider is solidly constructed and suitable for low budget shooting who aiming for quality footages. It is included feet that you can match with tripods or on a flat surface.

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