Top 8 Best Disco Party Lights Reviews in 2018

Music is fun to dance to in a party, but you also need the best disco party lights as well. With some awesome lights, the audience will get more excited while enjoying the events even better. No matter if you are DJ or a party lover, disco party lights are one thing to have for people who love having fun. It is something that people can afford, and it is the thing that bring more taste to everyone in the house. Below are 8 best quality and cool disco party lights that you will love to have. Get some, and wait to see the better change in the fun of the next party you throw.

1. Disco Ball Party Light by Yoozon

Comes in a set of 2, these disco ball lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor parties. There are 7 various modes for colors including red, green, blue, red green, red blue, green blue, and all colors together. You can select any of these modes with a simple press on the remote. But the best part is the sound activated modes that includes light off, dynamic, and strobe effects. It works great, and the party will go wild no matter where you are.

2. Multicolor Party Lights by Supertech

By multicolor, this disco ball light brings every great mixture of light to turn up the party for you. This stage light is absolutely easy to install which you can choose to install either on the ceiling or wall. The best part about it is that it comes with auto sound control mode that automatically changes the color with the music. It works great, and its awesome quality lasts in your parties for years of use. It is compact and lightweight, and it is ideal for parties, club, KTV, and more.

3. Disco Party Lights by KingTop

If you need lights to different parties, the portable and compact choice like this one is the best. It is small and easy to use which you can carry to any parties anywhere you go. This light creates many cool effects lie water ripple, flash, colors rotating, and more. The awesome part is it listens to the bass sound and the beat, then it lights up as the music is on. It also comes with a remote control that you can easily manage from the distance as well. There are 2 colors that you can choose from between black and blue.

4. LED 2nd Generation Party Lights by Spriak

This disco ball comes with amazing features that you can use in different purposes easily. There are 3 original modes including auto, flash, and music mode along with colors selection base on your preference. It is compact and portable, and you can install it on the ceiling or just put on the table or floor easily. Apart of parties, you can select the color mode to use it as night lights to help kids fall asleep as well. It is durable and cool, and it is highly recommended for multi use.

5. Disco Ball Light by Glisteny

The unique texture on this disco ball creates awesome light effects that is fun and enjoyable. This disco ball is smart enough to go to different lighting modes to match the music you play. It is lightweight and compact while covering p to 20 square meters of area. That makes it ideal for disco, bars, pubs, roller skating parks, parties festivals, and more. It works super incredible, and you will surely love the result and lights that it gives.

6. LED Party Lights by SOLMORE

With flexible design, this party light is easy to set up and install which is ideal for most places. The coolest part about it is that the light simply flickers and changes the patterns to match the beat of the music. One unique thing about this disco ball is it is super safe to use due to the design from high quality materials. The colors that it gives are bright and clear, and it is suitable for bars, pubs, KTV, festival, and any parties.

7. LED Full Color Disco Light Party by Delightime

Perfect for home parties, this awesome light will fill your rooms with awesome colors and lighting modes for the parties. It looks so small and compact, but the performance of this light is super awesome and dope. There are 3 vibrant colors including red, green, and blue along with the feature of automatic spinning and rotating. This light is super easy to install as it is compatible with common light sockets and any lamp sockets. Let’s get the party started!

8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Party Lights by ION Audio

2 in 1, this Bluetooth speaker comes with party light in one package which is absolutely convenient. Its rechargeable battery delivers up to 4 hours of music with awesome lights for your parties. With that compact size, you can bring this incredible party giver along with anywhere you go. The light simply changes to match the music and bass, and party will go on and on all night long. It is ideal for room parties, home parties, and pretty much any small parties.

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